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    The "three-year action" on poverty alleviation in health insurance has reduced the burden on the poor by nearly 300 billion yuan.

    • Last Update: 2020-10-17
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    Medicine Network October 15 reporters from the 2020 National Poverty Reduction Day series of activities held on the 14th of the medical security anti-poverty sub-forum learned that since 2018, the "three-year action" on health care poverty alleviation has benefited the poor more than 460 million times, for the poor to reduce the burden of nearly 300 billion yuan.
    on the occasion of the seventh National Poverty Reduction Day, China has generally achieved the goal of "guaranteed and covered" the poor. according to the
    National Health Insurance Administration, by the end of 2019, the participation rate of the poor in China had stabilized at more than 99.9%, and the actual reimbursement rate for the poor in hospital under the "triple guarantee" of basic medical insurance, major disease insurance and medical assistance had stabilized at about 80%.
    Chen Jinfu, deputy director of the State Health Insurance Administration, said at the forum that the data are the anti-poverty answers handed over by the health insurance department in the past two years, highlighting the institutional advantages of China's universal health insurance, and the result of the practice of deepening reform of the health insurance system and advancing with the times.
    On the basis of comprehensively ensuring the implementation of the task of fighting poverty, the medical insurance sector should constantly improve the system, improve the mechanism and optimize services, explore the establishment of a long-term mechanism for poverty alleviation of medical insurance, ensure high-quality win the fight against poverty alleviation of medical security, and continuously enhance the people's well-off road to access, happiness and security.
    establish a normal long-term mechanism for poverty alleviation of medical insurance has become a hot spot in the future construction of medical insurance system.
    Jin Weigang, president of the China Academy of Labor and Social Security Sciences, said that after fully completing the task of fighting poverty, local experience needs to be summarized and upgraded, existing health insurance poverty alleviation policies should be further optimized and integrated, some phased measures should be translated into long-term institutional arrangements, and a relatively balanced, normal, sustainable and bottom-up health insurance poverty alleviation system should be established.
    (Reporter Qu Wei)
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