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    The traditional process of membrane filtration equipment is compared with the effect of membrane separation process

    • Last Update: 2020-11-12
    • Source: Internet
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    Membrane filtration equipment is now scientific research chemical engineering and other aspects of the emerging technology equipment, it seems to be completely related to our lives, but in fact, many of our lives are closely related to food, energy, environmental protection and other aspects, the application is very wide.
    the traditional process of membrane filtration equipment and membrane separation process effect: 1, high filtration accuracy, good de-miscellaneous effect, can achieve molecular-level filtration separation, effective interception of large molecular impurities.
    2, quality, high purity, high price, stable quality, competitiveness significantly improved.
    3, the whole membrane separation process of the effective substance only a small part will be intercepted or through, the amount of loss is relatively small, the total yield increased.
    4, high degree of automation of equipment, simple operation, low labor costs, the cost is greatly reduced.
    membrane filtration equipment advantages: 1, fully automatic system, can be remotely regulated.
    2, system-wide closure, energy loss is small.
    3, the system recovery rate is high.
    4, cleaning system water consumption is small, cleaning liquid use is small.
    5, at the same time to concentrate the material, for subsequent evaporation to reduce the burden.
    Letrade according to the processing requirements of the equipment to customize cost-effective process package, the entire equipment to conduct a comprehensive analysis and reasonable design, so that the equipment design, manufacturing, production, monitoring of the process links to be effectively controlled, in order to achieve the economic performance of the entire process package and technical advantages of the dual combination, so as to provide customers with both professional and perfect fluid separation purification process package design.
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