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    The trend of branding in the art coatings market is prominent

    • Last Update: 2021-02-07
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    News: Brand is an intangible asset of enterprises, it can not see, but the most weight, and when an industry appears branding trend, it also shows that it is going through the initial stage gradually to mature the key stage, this description is just right for shenzhen art
    the current status quo.
    so-called art paint, in fact, is to a variety of high-quality paint with artistic expression function as a material, combined with some special tools and construction technology, to create a variety of textured patterns of decoration materials. Strictly speaking, it is not a "new technology", Europe has been in use for hundreds of years, and art coatings have been popular in China for several years. The pursuit of sophisticated high-end crowd more and more, art coating branding route is also emerging.
    "boutique" consciousness awakening
    "We realize that in order to survive better, we have no choice but to take the path of branded chain management." Qin Waiyi, general manager of Shenzhen Fangyi Fei Home Co., Ltd., said Fang Yifei has been trying to intervene in the art paint market since 2005. Then began to develop new materials and improve the quality of materials, and in Shunde Shenzhen has its own production plant. At present, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Chengdu, Shanghai and other cities have a number of stores.
    Qin Huaiyi revealed that the search for brand development is not a problem, but an industry to mature and standardization of the inevitable choice, but also enterprises to seek a larger, longer-term development of a business model.
    in this business model, engaged in the art paint business business, not only to provide customers with raw materials, but also additional construction technology.
    But art paint industry people also found that after the initial fresh and high-speed development stage, the development of the art paint industry appeared differentiation, one or follow the past hand workshop way, from the factory after the purchase of processing; The other is a gradual trend towards large-scale development, take the brand route.
    reporters visited the Shenzhen art paint market found that, in addition to Fang Yifei, Crown and a few other art
    coal brand
    began to pay attention to brand building, most art
    coal enterprises
    still stay in the first model.
    Qin Huaiyi feeling, in the first few years of the popular art paint, as fresh building materials, highly sought after, and then joined the industry more and more people, fierce competition, business enterprises are also uneven. "In this case, we prefer to choose the high-end development route of the boutique, to do the best products." He explained that Yifangfei is not even willing to choose a multi-series of products to operate, but focus on doing a good job of high-end series. It seems that precision strategies in the Internet age are also working in the art coatings industry.
    Currently trying to brand the art paint enterprises to join the development model of modern business, in various cities to recruit general agents, set up stores, and then develop secondary distribution, while doing a good job of supporting human services, such as Yifangfei stores in addition to ordinary shop assistants, there are a number of color consultants, specifically to solve the personalized needs of customers.
    , Mediterranean and Southeast Asian-style coatings are the most IN
    art coatings are now developed in a variety of very rich, which is also the city's designers like the method. Shenzhen senior designer Ali admitted that wallpaper and art coatings are the most commonly used wall treatment methods.
    for the contrast between the two, Ali believes that wallpaper does have rich and delicate patterns, the benefits of fast operation, but once encountered wet weather, coupled with seams, easy to return to moisture damage. "Good art paint doesn't lose to wallpaper in terms of detail and beauty, but it's durable and it's not easy to fade back, because it doesn't need glue and it's more environmentally friendly."
    materials are also innovating, but Qin Huaiyi found that Jane Europe, mediterranean and Southeast Asian styles are currently the most popular "click-through rate" of several styles. Jane O's gorgeous and rich pattern, Mediterranean Southeast Asian style by artistic paint texture to create an exotic atmosphere, are the key to attract customers, in addition to art paint to create a retro style is also unique flavor.
    the art paints of high-end routes exceed the spending power of the average person? Reporters visited several major art paint stores in Shenzhen, on average, the price of art paint is about 150-250 yuan / square meters, basic and wallpaper and wood flooring prices close, not ordinary families can not afford the price.
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