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    The trend of pharmacy collection has blown up and is expected to hit the retail market for hundreds of billions of drugs

    • Last Update: 2020-11-20
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      "Pharmaceutical Network Market Analysis" August 24, the third batch of national collection results have been officially announced.
    the collection involved a total of 56 varieties, 81 specifications, the average price reduction of more than 70%, to a high decline of more than 95%.
    series of figures will not only affect pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical circulation industry, but also will have a huge impact on the market of hundreds of billions of retail pharmacies.
    Pharmaces collection wind has blown, is expected to impact 100 billion drug retail market (photo source: pharmaceutical network) Guangdong about half of the pharmacies involved in the third batch of collection most of the drugstores are understood to be chain drugstores, Guangdong Province, the third batch of national collection amounted to 2.6 billion, accounting for 11.2% of the country.
    province's "pharmacy and hospital simultaneous reporting" model has become a highlight of this collection.
    In June this year, the Guangdong Provincial Health Insurance Bureau issued a notice that "all private medical institutions and retail pharmacies may voluntarily participate in the third batch of centralized procurement of national drugs, pharmacies and non-public medical institutions logged on to the Guangdong Province drug trading platform for centralized reporting."
    , about half of the 28,000 pharmacy stores in Guangdong Province participated in the report, which amounted to more than 1 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 40% of the total.
    and participating pharmacies, the majority are chain pharmacies, with single pharmacies accounting for less than 4 per cent.
    From the variety of this report, the amount of the basic is slow-disease medication, but also includes for men's diseases of sedina non-tablets, non-amine tablets, hydrochloric acid dapostin tablets, etc. , these varieties of pharmacies are significantly higher than the hospital, 1522 times higher, 38 times and 1.55 times higher.
    in the industry's view, the third batch of drug prices fell significantly, pending the formal implementation of the results of the election, the participation of the retail pharmacy procurement costs will be greatly reduced. More than
    local pharmacy collection wind has blown up the concentration of the industry will be promoted in addition to Guangdong Province, August 6, Shandong Provincial Medical Security Bureau issued the "Shandong Province drugs and high-value medical supplies centralized belt procurement implementation program (trial) (draft for comments)," requiring all public medical institutions in the province to participate in drug and high-value medical supplies to participate in centralized belt procurement work.
    encourage other medical institutions and retail pharmacies to participate actively.
    procurement cycle is not less than one year.
    learned that as early as May 15, 2019, Shandong Province has issued a paper to private hospitals, chain pharmacies into the collection, the same year from June 1 began to register, July 1 official implementation.
    according to the document requirements, private hospitals and chain pharmacies, the total amount of medical insurance drug procurement in principle is not less than 60% of the original use.
    , Zhejiang, Shanghai, Yunnan and other places have also introduced pharmacy medical insurance drug collection related policies, in accordance with the requirements, retail pharmacies can voluntarily participate in collection.
    Industry believes that as more and more pharmacies participate in the national collection in the future, the selected varieties will enter the retail pharmacies simultaneously, and drug prices have dropped significantly, or to open up the distance from other drugstores not involved in the collection, to improve their competitiveness.
    From Guangdong Province to participate in the third batch of drugstores, mainly to chain pharmacies, it is expected that the future drug retail industry will further intensify the chaining process, industry concentration will be enhanced, small and medium-sized single drugstores will be acquired or eliminated.
    , there were about 489,000 pharmacies nationwide by the end of 2019, according to incomplete statistics.
    2019, the number of retail pharmacies in China has declined for the first time in nearly three years, and there is a trend of industry integration.
    sales of drugstores in China amounted to 405.7 billion yuan, an increase of 6.2% over 2018, and sales grew steadily, but the growth rate slowed gradually, reaching 76%.
    in general, if the latter drugstore collection in a large area of the country, for the vast number of patients is a big good news, later do not have to go to the hospital can also buy affordable drugs.
    for pharmacies, some businesses believe that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, in addition to obtaining lower purchase prices, but also conducive to prescription outflow, improve patient access.
    piestores can also use this to enhance direct contact with enterprises to obtain better manufacturer services, and some merchants believe that if the later full spread, pharmacies also need to study prices, costs, sales and other issues, in terms of cost, now the hospital through "medical supplements" and to supplement drugs, the elimination of drug add-ons, the implementation of zero rates, and pharmacies have a price difference, so now some of the hospital's drug prices are lower than pharmacies.
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