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    The unique advantages and cleaning of Sihuan freeze-drying freeze-drying machine

    • Last Update: 2022-05-03
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      Four-ring freeze-drying freeze-drying machine freeze-drying technology has its unique advantages, excluding 95~99% of the moisture, after sealing, it can be stored at room temperature for a long time, light weight, easy to transport and carry; because the drying is carried out at low temperature Therefore, the loss of functional components of the material is very small, the heat-sensitive substances such as proteins and cells are not easily deteriorated or damaged, the biological activity is basically unchanged, the water content of the finished product is low, and the color, shape, and active ingredients can be well preserved

    The dry product after freeze-drying is porous, with good rehydration and high effect

    It is suitable for drying high-grade raw materials, Chinese medicine pieces, biology, pharmaceutical intermediates and other materials

    Square warehouse in-situ vacuum freeze-drying machine, pre-freezing and drying are completed in-situ

    The plate layer electric heating temperature control system can control the heating rate and improve the sublimation efficiency

     Cleaning of Sihuan Freeze Dryer: 1.
    Usually demineralized water or distilled water is used as cleaning agent


    Do not wash with acid-based or base-based detergents or cleaning agents, because no matter how you wash with demineralized water, traces of detergent may still be left behind, which increases the risk of corrosion or enters the product as powder

    Clearly the effect increases with the temperature of the cleaning agent, but if the contamination has protein content, the temperature should not be higher than 60°C

    The cleaning method can be manually washed with a brush, sprayed manually with a spray gun, and firstly, the CIP online cleaning dense group system is mainly used for automatic cleaning


    It consists of many nozzles installed in the drying box and water vapor condenser

    The cleaning agent is inhaled by water and mercury, and sprayed from the nozzle through the pipeline valve to wash the surface of the drying box and the internal parts of the water vapor condenser, taking away the pollutants and impurities, and the water is discharged from the drain pipe at the bottom of the container

    In general, wash water is not reused because of the danger of full contamination with cycle washing

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