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    The United States builds a secondary sorting and recycling facility, and waste plastics shipped to China must be recycled

    • Last Update: 2022-08-21
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    Historically, material recovery facilities (MRFs) in the United States can recycle the vast majority of PET and HDPE, while other types of plastics have lower recycling rates, including plastics numbered 3-7


    A recent demonstration project organized by the Plastics Industry Association with eight partners found that 17,000 tonnes of mixed waste plastic could be recycled in the Pacific Northwest each year in addition to MRF recycled plastic


    17,000 tons

    The project, called the Secondary Sorting Demonstration Project , took place July-August in Portland, Oregon, to collect enough low-grade plastic to determine that sorting it is an economically viable option


    "Secondary Sorting Demonstration Project" "Secondary Sorting Demonstration Project"

    The project released a report in late November


    50,000 tons

    PP 10,000 tons

    PP 10,000 tons PP 10,000 tons

    PET 4800 tons

    PET 4800 tons PET 4800 tons

    PE 2000 tons

    PE 2000 tonsPE 2000 tons

    PS 800 tons

    PS 800 tons PS 800 tons

    In the past, these materials were mixed together and shipped to China, but now China has closed the door to waste plastic imports


    Currently, the United States has many stakeholders making commitments and investments to develop plastic recycling infrastructure




            Before the ban on waste in China, the United States was China's largest exporter of waste plastics.
    The waste plastics generated by the United States were continuously transported to China and used in China, which made China have advanced technologies in sorting, crushing, and reprocessing of waste plastics.
    Great progress


            Today, the United States needs to deal with such a large amount of waste plastics by itself.
    Perhaps it should learn from China's experience in sorting and processing


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