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    The urea market goes smoothly, and the price of urea is rising in some areas

    • Last Update: 2022-03-26
    • Source: Internet
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    The urea market went smoothly, and the price of urea in some areas was rising.
    The lower reaches of Shandong are more active in preparing fertilizers.
    Urea manufacturers have no large inventory for the time being.
    The low-end quotations of mainstream manufacturers have increased by 10 yuan (ton price, the same below) to 1,280-1340 yuan, and the receiving price of compound fertilizer plants is around 1,300 yuan; Hebei region The surrounding agricultural demand sales are relatively strong, and the low-end quotations of mainstream manufacturers have been raised by 10 yuan to 1250-1290 yuan; the urea market in Henan has basically stabilized at 1250-1310 yuan, and the transaction discount space has quietly tightened; some areas in Anhui have begun to use fertilizer.
    The transaction volume increased significantly.
    The high-end quotations of mainstream ex-works were raised by 20 yuan to 1,280-1320 yuan; the Zhejiang region was also affected by the favorable influence of local agricultural demand and agricultural demand in Anhui and other places.
    ?? Internationally, the transaction price of barge large urea cargo delivered by New Orleans at the end of February is 240-245 US dollars/short ton offshore; last weekend, Middle Eastern producers sold the price of large urea delivered in early March to 215 US dollars/ Ton offshore, the current intention price for the remaining cargo is 225 USD/ton offshore.
    ?? On the whole, the international offshore price of granular urea has rebounded, which will stimulate the domestic urea market to a certain extent.
    Combined with the launch of the domestic agricultural demand market, it is expected that the price of urea will continue to rise before the end of February.
    In view of the good production conditions of the manufacturers and the sufficient supply of intermediaries, it is estimated that the price increase should be limited.
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