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    The urea market is selling well, and prices in some areas have risen slightly

    • Last Update: 2022-03-25
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    The urea market is selling well, and prices in some areas have risen slightly.
    Since the weekend, the mainstream ex-factory quotations in Shandong area have been increased by 20 yuan (ton price, the same below) to 1,280-1360 yuan.
    Some manufacturers have fewer orders in the early stage, and the new orders are not good, and the ex-factory quotations are lowered by 10-20 yuan because of concerns about inventory.
    Urea sales were smooth, and the mainstream ex-factory quotations were raised by 10 yuan to 1,270--1310 yuan; the sales peak in southern Henan has passed, and the main market is in northern Henan, and the mainstream ex-factory quotations are basically stable at 1250-1300 yuan.
    Good, there are plenty of new orders from manufacturers, and the mainstream ex-factory quotations have increased slightly by 10 yuan to 1,340-1400 yuan; sales in Hunan are smooth, and some sources of goods are exported to Guangdong and Guangxi regions.
    The mainstream ex-factory quotations have been increased by 20 yuan to 1,380 yuan, and outbound orders are in 1330-1350.
    Around yuan.
    ?? In terms of large particles, some large particle manufacturers in Shandong continued to stop for maintenance, and the operating rate was still low.
    The mainstream ex-factory price rose to 1,320 yuan; in Hebei, as the price of small particles rose, the mainstream ex-factory price was increased to 1,340 yuan; The rebound in international prices of large particles is boosted.
    In Jiangsu, most large particles are shipped to ports.
    There is no pressure for manufacturers to take the goods.
    The mainstream ex-factory price of the local agricultural demand market has been raised to 1,400 yuan; a large factory in Inner Mongolia has resumed full operation and will return after the holiday.
    Prices in Heilongjiang first rose by 20-30 yuan and then stabilized.
    ?? On the whole, although the market price of urea in Shandong and Lianghe areas has risen slightly, considering the short season of agricultural demand, if there is no strong support in the later period, the price of urea is expected to decline slightly.
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