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    The use of stevia sugar in ice cream is well-liked to save sweet-loving food

    • Last Update: 2021-02-18
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    According to
    Innova Market Insights
    , the use of stevia sugar is growing rapidly in response to consumer demand for sugar reduction and government restrictions on sugar. The number of new products related to european food and beverage tracking stevia sugar reached
    % compound annual growth rate between
    2012 and
    , and in addition to sports nutrition, soft drinks and other popular areas, stevia sugar is also very popular in the application of ice cream.


    Spectrometry launched Stevia Sugar Ice Cream

    Recently, stevia sugar supplier Psychico launched a non-sugar-free ice cream product to promote its
    Reb M
    stevia product, which will debut in Chicago at the end of this month. The ice cream will initially be sold in the city through Spectrum's ice cream truck. The company also plans to offer ice cream at other food service outlets and sell stevia-based sweetener ingredients to other ice cream makers. The ice cream is sweetened with the company's next-generation
    Reb M
    stevia sugar, which performs well in sweetener applications such as ice cream, as well as in a variety of food and beverages. Spectrometr also

    , a type 1 diabetes research organization, to make sweets available to people with diabetes.

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    We are committed to developing and commercializing our next-generation
    Reb M
    stevia stevia sweeteners, and we expect consumers, as well as our customers, to sample the role of
    Reb M
    stevia sugar in food and beverage products through spectrum ice cream trucks.
    Maga Malsagov, chief executive
    of Spectrum,

    ice cream has flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, coffee, sea salt caramel, and adds vegetarian fruit as a dessert, a
    oz mini cup size. The calorie content of ice cream has been greatly reduced, and vanilla ice cream has less than half the calories of other similar products.


    Reb M
    Stevia sugar will be a trend of the future

    Spectrum says a new generation of stevia stevia sweeteners, including
    Reb M
    , is an important breakthrough, with a pure, bitter taste, a taste similar to sugar, calorie-free and plant-based. This allows food and beverage companies to use it to make large quantities of zero-calorie and low-calorie products. Spectrum has significantly increased production of
    Reb M
    stevia sugars to make them more cost-effective and help manufacturers overcome taste, supply and cost challenges. Spectrum has also recently been approved to expand the use of
    Reb M
    stevia sugar in Singapore and plans to help Singapore eliminate
    billion calories from its diet by replacing
    per cent of Singapore's per capita sugar consumption with stevia sugar in

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    As the government gradually began to control sugar content in the diet, the use of sugar sweeteners has become increasingly common. This trend is evident especially in the ice cream market, where one in ten desserts and ice creams is being reduced in sugar, according to
    data (
    ). In addition,
    low fat
    superged sugar
    are the fastest growing claims for ice cream
    in the second half of
    2018. Meanwhile, Unilever reported a slight increase in ice cream sales in the first half of the year compared with the same period in the past two years, despite bad weather. In addition, ice cream has performed very strongly in the Asian market.

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