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    The village medical team has been reshuffled, involving certificates, treatment, and old-age care...

    • Last Update: 2021-07-24
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      Medical News, February 25, February 23, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Accelerating the Rejuvenation of Rural Talents" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions")
    Article 11 of the fourth major point of the "Opinions" clearly states that speeding up the training of rural public service talents involves issues such as rural doctors' treatment, subsidies, pensions, academic qualifications, and hospital staffing, which are worthy of attention


      Village doctors participate in insurance, implement subsidies, and improve benefits The
    "Opinions" propose that various subsidies for rural doctors should be implemented, and the income and benefits of rural doctors should be gradually increased, and rural doctors should participate in basic pension insurance

    Treatment, subsidies, and old-age care are the three major heart problems of most village doctors.
    In fact, their appeal is simple, that is, "getting income from work, and relying on the elderly

    " This time the central government issued a notice requesting all regions and departments to conscientiously implement it in light of actual conditions

    Indeed, the key to the current problem lies in the local implementation and the fairness and rationality of the implementation.
    Only when it is truly done will the village doctors be more steadfast in their hearts and will be more motivated in their work


      Transformation of Village Doctors to Practicing (Assistant) Physicians The
    "Opinions" proposes to further promote the qualification examination of rural general practice assistant physicians, promote the conversion of rural doctors to practicing (assistant) physicians, and guide medical college graduates to apply for the practice registration of rural doctors without examination

    In other words, in the future, village doctors who only have a village doctor certificate or a village general practitioner certificate will enjoy fewer and fewer dividends, and the village doctor team is developing in the direction of high quality and high education


    Dynamically adjust the staffing of health centers
      every 5 years.

    According to the proportion of serving population of about 1‰, the total staffing of township health centers will be dynamically adjusted every 5 years based on the county.
    The staffing is allowed to be used in a coordinated manner within the county, and the spare staffing will be used well.

    Once again, it is unlikely that decompilation will be implemented in primary medical institutions.
    On the contrary, it is increasing the proportion of decompilation

    At the same time, the fairness of treatment is also guaranteed.
    The "Opinions" emphasizes the need to strengthen more work, more rewards, excellent performance and better remuneration, and encourage the implementation of "counties hire townships" and "townships hire villages


    approving the
    total wages and levels of primary medical institutions Although it is the county and village three- level medical and health service network, according to industry insiders, there is a big gap between the salary system of township hospitals and village clinics and county
    The "Opinions" proposed that the total amount and level of performance wages in rural grassroots medical and health institutions should be rationally approved in accordance with policies.
    It seems that the treatment of rural two-level grassroots doctors is expected to increase in the future

    At the same time, it is also required to implement the title promotion and preferential policies of rural primary medical institutions, and optimize the job setting of township medical and health institutions


      Health centers should be equipped with at least one public health doctor
    so that professional people can do professional work to achieve better results.
    At present, grass-roots doctors simultaneously provoke the two major burdens of diagnosis and treatment and public health.
    The heavy public health work has caused many grass-roots doctors.
    Neglecting the diagnosis and treatment services, the result may be that the diagnosis and treatment and public health services are not satisfactory

    This time, the "Opinions" proposed that township hospitals should be equipped with at least one public health physician.
    This measure will allow more grassroots doctors to return to diagnosis and treatment, and improve the diagnosis and treatment level of township health centers


      For the shortage of qualified personnel, direct interviews and visits
    to promote rural primary health care institutions open recruitment difficult in remote areas at the county level and primary health care institutions may be relaxed education, age and other terms of employment under the circumstances, for the badly needed health
    health professional personnel can take the interview, Open recruitment through direct investigation and other methods
    The "Opinions" also proposed that the qualifications for appraisal of professional and technical talents at the grassroots level should be appropriately relaxed

    For those who have been working in the frontline at the grass-roots level and in difficult and remote areas for a long time, increase the evaluation weight of dedication, actual work performance and working years, implement and improve the preferential salary policy, and encourage talents to take root in the front line and make contributions


      Free training of local college students and village doctors in their own towns.

    Encourage free targeted training of a group of
    local college students and village doctors from their hometowns, train and train rural health work teams in multiple ways, and improve the level of rural health services and governance

    In addition, it is necessary to optimize the capacity-enhancing training programs of rural grassroots health professionals and strengthen on-the-job training and continuing education

    This kind of doctors can practice in more places, open rural clinics, in-depth implementation of the special post program for general practitioners, free training of rural order-oriented medical students, and training of assistant general practitioners

    Support in-service or retired physicians from urban second-level and above hospitals to practice more in rural primary medical and health institutions, open rural clinics, and enrich the rural health and health talent team


      To issue housing subsidies and solve children's education and employment issues
    , high-level talents employed in professional posts in county and township institutions can adopt flexible and diverse distribution methods such as negotiated wages, project wages, and annual salary systems to reasonably determine remuneration

    Encourage local governments to build talent apartments and issue housing subsidies to allow children of returnees to receive pre-school education and compulsory education in places where they
    work and start businesses , so as to solve the problems of housing and children’s enrollment for returnees
    Improve the social security relationship transfer and continuation mechanism, and provide convenient services for returning people and their families to participate in the basic pension insurance and basic medical insurance for urban employees in accordance with regulations

    The central government puts forward a clear goal.
    By 2025, the rural talent revitalization institutional framework and policy system will be basically formed.
    The scale of talents in various fields of rural revitalization will continue to grow, the quality will be steadily improved, and the structure will continue to be optimized.
    Meet the basic needs of implementing the rural revitalization strategy

    It seems that in the next five years, the rural medical and health sector will usher in a new round of changes, and its team will continue to grow, its quality will be steadily improved, and its structure will continue to be optimized

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