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    The Way to Rectify the Name of the New Concept of Food Information Exchange

    • Last Update: 2022-09-20
    • Source: Internet
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    □ Wang Cuizhu reporter

    Food safety risk communication is an important means to deal with global food problems and improve food safety.

    Recently, the long-awaited China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition - FIC 2019 was held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center

    Food safety risk communication has become a global topic

    Today, China's food safety supervision has made great progress at the government level, as well as in the industry and enterprises, but consumers' concerns about food safety have not changed much

    It is understood that many food safety agencies, such as the U.

    A new concept of food information exchange

    The public is seldom aware of food safety supervision work.

    The new concept of food information exchange should not only inform consumers of the harm caused by unsafe food, but also introduce positive information - popularizing the health, deliciousness and nutrition of food, and also publicize that government supervision departments and enterprise quality control departments are ensuring food safety.

    Consensus reached at workshop on new concepts of food information exchange

    The challenge in popularizing the new concept of food information exchange is how to get consumers interested in the concept, which requires some innovative ways to present relevant information to attract the masses

    ①The word "risk" has a natural negative attribute, which can easily make risk communication a carrier of negative information, thereby intensifying consumers' nervousness and anxiety about food.

    ②Establish a government-led food information exchange system with the participation of many parties

    ③ Pay attention to the "lubricating oil" role played by third-party institutions, and encourage social forces to participate in dialogue and exchanges

    ④Increase the input and guarantee of resources, including institutions, personnel, funds, etc.

    ⑤ Special emphasis should be placed on strengthening the education of children and adolescents, because children's cognition will also affect parents


    The 2015 Food Safety Law and its implementing regulations have strengthened the emphasis and requirements on food safety risk communication, but the problem that needs to be solved at present is that the harm caused by rumors and misleading information to the society has exceeded the health harm caused by the unsafe factors of the food itself.

    Food information exchange is a new concept, and there is no mature working model for reference

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