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    The White Paper on Nutritional Diets for Cancer Patients in China (2020-2021) was released in Beijing

    • Last Update: 2020-11-04
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    October 31st, the White Paper on Nutritional Diets for Cancer Patients in China (2020-2021) (hereinafter referred to as the White Paper) was launched in Beijing. The White Paper, led by the Oncology Nutrition Management Branch of the Chinese Academy of Nutrition, is the first white paper in China to focus on nutritional diets for cancer patients, providing guidance and reference for home-based nutritional diets for cancer patients.
    with china's aging trend and changing cancer risk factors, cancer morbidity and mortality in China continue to grow, and malnutrition among cancer patients in China is increasingly exposed to the spotlight. In this context, the White Paper for the country's 31 provinces and autonomous regions of cancer patients online research, a total of 31,100 questionnaires, access to effective questionnaires 6685, strict quality control, to ensure that the data are true and reliable;
    has a long way to go in terms of tumor nutrition. In the face of the plight of cancer patients and their families, Yang Yuxin, chairman of the Chinese Nutrition Society, stressed in a speech at the press conference that rational nutrition makes the lives of cancer patients more dignified and quality. Governments, medical institutions, families, businesses, patient organizations, etc. need to work together to promote scientific nutrition management to address malnutrition among patients, thereby improving the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of tumors.
    Yu Kang, Director of clinical nutrition at Beijing Concord Hospital, announced the White Paper survey on behalf of the White Paper Expert Group at its launch. The results show that the incidence of severe malnutrition among patients with malignant tumors in China is as high as 58%. Tumors and various related treatments have affected the patient's eating conditions to varying degrees, including 45 percent of cancer patients who had difficulty eating during surgery, resulting in reduced eating, and 86.57 percent, 71.18 percent and 64.82 percent of patients with reduced appetite, nausea, vomiting, indigestion or constipation diarrhea due to chemotherapy, targeted therapy and radiotherapy. Weight is an important index to reflect the nutritional status of tumor patients. The White Paper also shows that nearly a third (30.04%) of patients lost weight in the last three months, with more than half (51.39%) losing more than 5% of their original body weight.
    scientific and reasonable oncology nutrition management can not be separated from the precise nutrition intervention program. This White Paper proposes specific interventions and methods for the nutritional needs of specific tumors in different parts, stages of treatment and treatment. At the press conference, Professor Li Zengning, Vice Dean of the First Hospital affiliated with Hebei Medical University, and Director of the General Department of Oncology Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Mr. Cong Minghua, delivered a keynote speech. During the round-table discussion on the theme of "Cross-border Integration, Helping Nutrition Management of Cancer Patients", expert representatives of oncology and clinical nutrition, representatives of Fessen Yuska Bivary Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and the head of the "Dancing with Cancer" public welfare organizations had a wonderful discussion on topics such as raising the nutritional awareness of cancer patients and promoting scientific nutrition management through cross-border cooperation.
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