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    The 24 best-selling prescription drugs in the world in 2019

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
    • Source: Internet
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    This article gives small partners a new list of the world's top 24 best-selling prescription drugs in 2019, covering several pharmaceutical companies, including Roche, Bayer and Pfizer, with annual sales of more than $4 billionThe list was compiled by Yongjiang Taro, a senior pharmaceutical industry analyst in Japan who has ranked multinational pharmaceutical companies and global drug sales for more than 20 years, and annually aggregates the annual sales of heavy-duty prescription drugs from January to December of the past year, and if a drug is promoted jointly by multiple companies, the cumulative sales calculation can be seen in comparison with the past list, which can reveal changes in the market for these heavyweight brandsBelow is the list of the world's top 24 prescription drugs for 2019, each with sales of more than $4 billion over the past year: total sales have grown from $139 billion in 2013 to $175 billion last year, topping the list, and while revenues have fallen as a result of the impact on biosimilars in the European market, sales have remained nearly $20 billion in 2019Similar autoimmune agents Enley and CIt's not just Semera, Roche's products, with the exception of Anvirin, have been hit by biosimilars, all of which have been slower than sales in 2013In terms of the number of listings, the number of varieties over $4 billion increased by only two in 2019, but the number of varieties with more than $8 billion increased from five in 2013 to eightBiologics continue to take a larger share of the market, increasing from 10 to 14 compared to the 2013 list, so to speak, today's multinational pharmaceutical companies will be severely constrained by sales growth without biologicsIn terms of product type, the world's top 24 drugs in 2019 were anti-tumor drugs, with nine, followed by autoimmune drugs with four when Starnon is included, followed by anti-HIV drugs and multiple sclerosis drugs, each with twoIn the 2013 list, there were 11 slow-onset drugs that sold more than $4 billion a year, such as the antihypertensive novartis, Shuridi of GSK, which treats respiratory diseases, Briginger Ingehan's Silihua, and the lipid-lowering drug AstraZeneca, but By 2019, only the diabetes drugs Genovi and insulin resin are left on the list, and even with the addition of the anticoagulant al-Elorto, Bereto, and the new diabetes drug E-Ida, there are only five in all, and the Genovi market is still shrinking, among the slow-disease drugs on the list, can still maintain growth is easy to reach, the market for slow-disease heavy drugs have not much expectation.
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