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    The world's first coke oven gas to ethylene glycol project is about to be put into production

    • Last Update: 2022-02-16
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    Recently, Etuoke Qi Jianyuan Coal Coking Co.
    , Ltd.
    (hereinafter referred to as "Jianyuan Coal Coking") received news that the construction of its 260,000 tons/year ethylene glycol project has entered the final stage, and the installation of equipment and pipelines has been basically completed , Insulation and heat tracing are 75% completed, and the equipment is currently undergoing a single-machine test run and it is expected to be put into production in June 2020

    Compared with the traditional coal-to-ethylene glycol project, the investment and land occupation of coke oven gas-to-ethylene glycol are relatively low

    The project construction does not involve the main equipment of the coal-to-ethylene glycol gas production section, such as coal storage and transportation equipment, gasifier, conversion, low-temperature methanol washing equipment, black water treatment equipment, sulfur recovery equipment and liquefied gas station, etc.
    ; air separation and The boilers are also smaller than coal-to-ethylene glycol of the same scale

    From the perspective of resource utilization and the environment, the coke oven tail gas from the waste gas of the coking unit to the production of ethylene glycol as a raw material for secondary use is conducive to reducing environmental pollution and is in line with the national green coking and new material industry development related industrial policies

    Jianyuan Coal Coking is a large private enterprise integrating coking coal mining, coal washing, coking and chemical industry.
    The construction of the ethylene glycol project maximizes the useable value of coal and truly realizes the circular economy of coal, coking and chemical industry.
    Industry chain

    The secondary utilization of coal coking tail gas to construct an ethylene glycol project is not only low in cost, low investment, and environmentally friendly, especially in the current ethylene glycol market environment downturn, it is a milestone

    It is reported that the 260,000 tons/year ethylene glycol plant of Jianyuan Coal Coking is the world’s first coke oven tail gas as a raw material to produce ethylene glycol.
    Hualu Engineering Technology Co.
    , Ltd.
    is responsible for the engineering design

    The project started on-site construction in mid-March 2018

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