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    There are many anti-corrosion coatings, how to choose?

    • Last Update: 2021-02-02
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    a variety of corrosion environment, user needs a variety. Anti-corrosion coatings come in a wide variety of properties and uses. Finding corrosion-resistant coatings that meet your needs quickly and accurately is a must-have skill for coating designers and paint buyers. How can I choose a reasonable anti-corrosion coating according to different needs? What factors should be focused on when communicating with anti-corrosion paint manufacturers or testing the performance of anti-corrosion paint samples?, from the quality of the paint itself 1, attachment performance. This is the most fundamental energy of corrosion-resistant coatings and is the basis for all the properties of coatings. Paints that do not adhere to standards should be rejected by a vote. Consideration should be given to the actual adhesion of the coated substrate and the expected inter-layer adhesion. Because of the scope of use of coatings, not necessarily exactly the same as recommended by the manufacturer.2, corrosion resistance. Anti-corrosion paint, in simple terms, is able to protect steel from rust, but also to maintain stable performance under the corrosive medium, so the cause of corrosion should be selected anti-corrosion paint. It is necessary to find out whether the main cause of corrosion is humid air or mechanical wear, high temperature caused by the failure of anti-corrosion coatings or a combination of factors. If corrosion is caused by a combination of factors, anti-corrosion coatings with excellent overall performance should be used.3, primer and paint matching performance. Anti-corrosion coatings are usually made of primer, intermediate paint and finish, and different coatings are selected in the middle of the base. Therefore, we should fully consider the supporting properties between primers, intermediate paints and finishes, including the binding force between layers, whether it will affect the performance of other coatings.4, the appropriate physical and mechanical properties. Mainly consider whether the object is vulnerable to impact, impact, friction, bending, lifting and so on in the course of transportation and use, in order to determine the anti-corrosion coating impact, wear resistance, flexibility, bending type, toughness and other indicators. Without special requirements, commonly used coating varieties can meet the physical performance requirements of general machinery and equipment. If there are decorative performance requirements, but also consider the color of decoration, gloss durability.5, and the coating surface temperature is applicable. Consideration needs to be given to the balance between the maximum and long-term use temperature of the coating and the effective life of the coating.6, with construction conditions. The actual available coating methods and coating methods required by the coating products to match. When choosing the coating method, we should pay attention to the surface treatment grade, dilution ratio, coating film thickness, paint effect and so on., from the point of view of the coating1, the scope of use of the coated object and environmental conditions. Such as anti-corrosion paint for bridges, mainly consider steel to prevent corrosion and outdoor weather resistance. When subjects are often in wet or long-term heat, rest or vibration, their choice of anti-corrosion coatings should vary. In wet and hot environment must choose water resistance, good moisture resistance anti-corrosion coatings. The indoor anti-corrosion coating with poor weather resistance is applied outdoors, and the phenomenon of loss of light, color change and powder is quickly produced, and the function of anti-corrosion coating is lost.2, according to the material of the coating. Metals are steel, aluminum, copper, etc., surface treatment is galvanized, chrome-plated, phosphating and so on. Therefore, the same anti-corrosion coating cannot be selected without distinction. Such as steel surface rust prevention optional red Dan, iron red, zinc-rich anti-corrosion coatings, and non-ferrous metals should be selected zinc yellow. Zinc-plated anti-corrosion coatings on steel must be made of alkaline-resistant and non-soapy varieties.3, according to the coating requirements and price considerations. Also used in steel, ordinary factories and tall buildings in the cost and requirements are very different.the anti-corrosion coating to achieve the expected protection and decorative effect, give full play to its due effect, all factors need to be paid attention to.: Part of the content of this article from the network, we have indicated the source, copyright owned by the original author! If there is infringement or original do not want to be reproduced, please contact us to delete in time (email:!for more information, please pay attention to WeChat Public Number: Paint Mall/ Paint Raw Materials and EquipmentContribution Hotline: 0571-86195869Advertising Hotline: 18969103469
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