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    Thermo Fly expands its Suzhou plant, a Chinese manufacturing center

    • Last Update: 2021-03-06
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    , September 25, 2020 - Thermo Technology, the world leader in scientific services, today officially announced the successful expansion of the Suzhou plant at Thermofly's China manufacturing center, unveiling its first in the Asia-Pacific region. One-time biotechnology container production base (hereinafter referred to as: one-time technology production base) and Suzhou Branch of China Innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as Suzhou Innovation Center), will also introduce high-end air quality testing and analysis equipment production line, environmental particulate continuous monitor and other instruments local production. The total investment of this expansion is over US$10 million, and the new plant area is more than 13,000 square meters. The one-time technology production base and Suzhou Innovation Center will form an organic linkage to jointly improve ThermoFei's local strategic layout of "Rooting in China and Serving China" and accelerate the integrated iterative innovation of research and development and manufacturing to meet the booming market demand of China's biopharmaceutical industry.Improve local manufacturing and continuously ensure the stability of the local supply chain In recent years, with the vigorous development of China's monoclonal antibody drug market, and more antibody projects into the clinical amplification and production stage, China's biopharmaceutical industry has entered a period of strategic development, more and more companies through the use of disposable technology to rapidly scale up the production of goods. Rapidly responsive localization customization capabilities, as well as a consistent and stable supply chain of consumables, are critical to the production and development of local biopharmaceutical companies.Seymor Has been committed to biopharmaceutical research and development and production process innovation, providing a full range of upstream to downstream products and solutions, the establishment of a complete single-use bioreacter and reservoir distribution solutions. The newly completed one-time bio-process container series production base is ThermoFei's first one-time technology production base in the Asia-Pacific region, with a single-use bio-process container, liquid transfer tubes and multi-tube bio-process container standardized products and customized products system manufacturing, assembly and distribution capabilities, for local customer demand can be the first time to react quickly. Comprehensive production conditions also meet the needs of pan-Asia Pacific biopharmaceutical partners in a wide range of applications, from laboratory size to formal cGMP production.Since its inception,ThermoFei China Innovation Center has experienced nearly 10 years of development in China, from the initial support for factory production, product improvement and optimization, to now independent innovation, has a certain degree of locally adapted research and development capabilities and technical routes. In recent years, China's research and development team in accordance with local demand continue to introduce new, an average of 8 new products listed each year, granted patents are also increasing year by year, the cumulative number of patents nearly 100.In order to further expand its innovation capabilities to serve more local partners, the newly completed Suzhou Innovation Center's office research and development environment covers an area of about 800 square meters, equipped with fully equipped sample preparation, chemical analysis laboratory, indoor and outdoor air testing laboratory, mechanical and electrical laboratory. In the next three years, Suzhou Innovation Center plans to continuously configure and improve its core research and development team for new product development and technological innovation, and gradually establish and improve the research and development and innovation capabilities of Suzhou Innovation Center.At the same time, Suzhou Innovation Center will rely on Suzhou's superior geographical location, excellent economic and human environment, combined with ThermoFei's brand advantages and research and development strength, to attract scientific and technological talent gathering, and gradually build a national first-class scientific research ecosystem, through the interaction of industry, research and development, to promote the Yangtze River Delta economic development.Looking back on local development, Tony Acciarito, President of Thermofly China for the Golden Decade of China's Biopharmaceutical IndustryThermoFei, said, "ThermoFei continues to be optimistic about China's biopharmaceutical industry, especially in the context of the development of yangtze River Delta integration, and through further investment in Suzhou High-tech Zone, we have perfected the strategic layout of Searle's local manufacturing and local research and development, from research and development to manufacturing to match and meet the needs of China's biopharmaceutical partners at different stages." In the future, we will continue to increase our capital in Suzhou to increase our production capacity and grow together with China's biopharmaceutical industry through collaborative development. Onopening ceremony, Thermo Fly held the 10th SummerFlies Biotech High-End User Conference. Government representatives, industry experts and a group of senior practitioners from the biopharmaceutical industry gathered to discuss in depth the current market opportunities and challenges of the biopharmaceutical industry, and to discuss the development of China's biopharmaceutical industry in the past decade.
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