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    Those who like protein powder, you actually make up too much, you know?

    • Last Update: 2021-02-18
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    years, consumers' love of protein has become more pronounced.

    since a few years ago, food companies have prominently marked their snacks with the word "protein" because many consumers believe that protein makes them feel full but not too high.

    as this trend has strengthened, sales of protein powder, which began to enter the mainstream market in the 1990s, are increasing. According to
    , a market consultancy, more and more people are interested in protein supplements such as protein powders
    , which will reach $
    billion in global sales by


    , China's sales of protein supplements will grow by
    5% per year
    or higher.

    history of this product is not long,
    20th century people have been thinking that weightlifters can have a healthy body. By
    protein powder invented by U.S. veteran
    Bob Hoffman
    was sold to male bodybuilders and actors to accelerate muscle build-up. Later, the formula was modified and replaced with convenient packaging, which became an easy-to-buy and edible product for the general public.

    protein powder is now used by gym-goers to replenish protein, increase muscle and speed muscle recovery after high-intensity workouts. Compared with common meats such as beef and chicken, protein powder is simple to eat and low in fat, and is sought after by fitness enthusiasts.

    addition, some people feel that eating protein powder for a long time, so like this product.

    's really okay to add so much protein?

    according to the USDA's Food and Nutrition Committee, adult men (
    ) of average weight need
    protein per day and women (
    ) need
    of protein per day
    data show that U.S. men over the age of
    actually consume
    protein per day, and
    women over

    , Americans already consume more protein than they need, and the food they eat on a daily basis meets their needs, and they don't need products like protein powder to supplement it.

    excessive protein intake, not only overnutrition, but also may bring side effects, protein in the body of the decomposition products accumulation of too much, will affect normal liver and kidney function, leading to decreased immunity.

    no specific data on protein intake in China, but a quarter of Chinese consumers increased their protein intake in

    , according to a report by market consultancy Inmint.

    and the overnutrition in China is not the same as in the United States. China's child fat surplus, that is, there is the so-called obesity problem, the Chinese Student Nutrition and Health Promotion Association released the "China Child and Adolescent Nutrition and Health Report" shows that children's daily life, fat energy ratio has reached
    , and fat this one, the national recommended target of
    , it is clear that children urgently need to change their eating habits to solve this problem.
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