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    Three keys to exterior wall imitation stone paint: Does it look like it?

    • Last Update: 2021-10-09
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    Real stone paint exterior wall imitation stone must be considered: "is it like", "for a long time", "worth or not" these three most basic questions

    1 Does it look like

    How to avoid the embarrassment of “making real stone paint like paint” on a large area is the most basic problem of imitation stone on exterior walls
    "The model is very similar" does not mean that it resembles a large area of
    coating online coatingol.

    The latter is more technical than the former


    How to ensure that the stone-like effect of large-scale construction is "like stone"?

    This is mainly to carry out a reasonable division treatment of the real stone paint project on the external wall
    Today we will talk about the key points of the division technology of real stone lacquer


    Real stone lacquer grid shape

    In order to make the effect of the exterior wall less rigid, try not to choose square grids during the construction of real stone paint, such as horizontal and long grids, vertical grids, and "work" grids are all a good choice
    However, the use function of the building should be considered.
    For business units, office buildings should choose a more stable grid design, and residential, shopping malls, schools, gyms, etc.
    can choose a more lively grid design


    The size of the real stone lacquer grid

    It should be reasonably divided according to the height of the building.
    Generally, the high-rise division should be 1.
    5-2 square meters, the multi-storey division should be controlled between 1-1.
    5 square meters, and the low-rise division should be within 1 square meter


    The width of the seam of the real stone paint

    According to the size of the grid area, the width of the grid seam should be reasonably designed.
    Generally, it should be between 0.
    5 cm.
    It can also be designed as a horizontal width, vertical narrow, and horizontally narrow grid effect, but try to control the width of the grid seam.
    Within 2 cm


    Real stone lacquer grid position

    In order to make the spraying effect of real stone paint closer to the stone, in principle, the same divisions as the stone can be used, such as the Yin and Yang angle division, the window division, and the building edge division
    However, considering the limitations of the stone, the real stone lacquer division does not need to be divided at the yin and yang corners.
    It is recommended that the division must be done on the side of the window, and be careful not to have small pieces or small edges as much as possible


    The color of the seams in the construction of real stone paint

    This detail is generally easy to be overlooked, but it actually affects the overall effect of real stone paint.
    The general design principle is to form a contrast effect between the color of real stone paint and the color of the split seams



    As the outer garment of the building, the outer wall must be not only beautiful, but also durable
    How to guarantee the service life of imitation stone for 10-15 years or even longer?

    First of all, the service life of real stone paint is very closely related to the resin used
    Generally speaking, the service life of low-grade styrene-acrylic real stone paint is about 3-5 years, and the poor styrene-acrylic real stone paint will fade, blacken, and crack in a few months; the service life of pure benzene system is more than 10 years; the service life of silicon-acrylic system More than 15 years

    The reason why real stone paint is popular in the market is mainly because of the emergence of pure acrylic and silicone acrylic systems


    So, is it true that the use of pure acrylic and silicone acrylic system real stone paint will definitely reach the service life of more than 10 years?

    Obviously not
    Real stone paint is a systematic project including raw materials, design, and construction.
    Good finished product = good product + good plan

    The quality of the finished product depends on the performance of the raw material, and the plan and construction guarantee the performance of the coating

    The aging of the real stone paint coating starts from the surface coating.
    Generally, the surface coating will experience a certain degree of aging in 7-8 years, and more dirt will be deposited, which will affect the overall decoration


    Generally about 10 years, it is necessary to clean the surface of the coating and re-apply a top coat to extend the service life of the coating
    This is like a good leather jacket.
    If we want to wear it for a few more years, we need to maintain it regularly, such as once a year

    For example, a car, no matter how expensive it is, requires regular maintenance.
    Real stone paint is also exposed to wind, rain and sun for a long time.
    If we want the decoration effect to last for a long time, we must also carry out "maintenance"


    3 value is not worth

    In fact, in many cases, a kind of stone needs water-in-water imitation, water-in-water sand imitation or rock chip imitation, etc.
    These kinds of effects are closer to stone, the effect is more high-end, and the cost is slightly higher

    The color of real stone paint is single, suitable for mid-range residential areas, factories, office buildings, etc.
    ; colorful paint, rock chip real stone paint has a more lifelike effect.
    It belongs to high-end real stone paint, suitable for high-end hotels, office buildings, villas and other buildings; brick real stone paint is Alternatives to traditional ceramic tiles are richer in color and form than traditional ceramic tiles, with higher quality and stronger decoration

    The editor thinks that you can choose the exterior wall products that you think are "worthy" according to your own project, combined with cost and effect


    Taking into account the differences in the environment: northern cities with heavy sand dust and heavily polluted areas, you must choose real stone paint with good stain resistance, and try not to choose white and light-colored effects for appearance

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