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    Three Trees New LOGO Release: Open the Era of Three Trees "Health Plus"

    • Last Update: 2021-01-21
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    China Coatings Network
    News: July 18 afternoon,
    Thye Tree Coatings Co., Ltd.
    the new LOGO launch will be held in the third floor of the headquarters of the multi-functional hall grandly held.
    Thye Trees
    Co., Ltd. Chairman Hong Jie, Genyuan Consulting Chairman Dr. Chen Wells, the company's internal management team, three trees business unit leaders and from all over the country three tree marketing centers, large customer centers, furniture paint, adhesive elite customer representatives, customers of interest a total of 1000 people attended the meeting, more than 80 mainstream media in the country to the launch of the full report.
    launch will be through the interpretation of the three trees "road law natural" corporate culture - the dynamic dance of all things to start, the powerful three trees of the new LOGO from a drop of green paint floating over the window sill, streets, cities, woods, so that the original gray everything become green, three trees new LOGO debut. The new LOGO uses a leaf as a pattern, like trees and the environment harmonious symbiotic, lines flow, full of vitality; Color continues the "green, red, white" combination of use, green heritage of the three trees consistent "extreme health" concept, red as if growing flowers in the green bush, highlighting the vitality of the three trees, and the environment and society against each other. The three-color combination symbolizes the harmonious unity between heaven and earth people, conforming to the natural trend of "three things, all beings" in life.
    Yuan Consulting Chairman Dr. Chen Wells on the new LOGO release, Dr. Chen from the initial heart, ambition, momentum, firmness, the future to collude in the development of the three trees of the whole main line, and redefine the brand connotation of the three trees: do deep, extreme health. Three trees to take the lead in upgrading the industry standards of health and environmental protection, from the concept, value definition, value expression to form three unique health coating concept system, build a competitive protective wall, truly have the paint industry "healthy" core brand ideal, and rooted in the existing main consumer population, through credible reasons and health and environmental protection paint knowledge education and continuous market communication, expanding the brand fan base. Dr. Chen said that the three trees will be committed to the realization of health, and protect the earth's environment pollution-free and sustainable, adhering to the responsibility of industry innovation, with scientific and technological evolution, and constantly for this chemical atmosphere of the industry, the introduction of natural fresh power, the latest full-life technology evolution - research and development, production, use, recycling, into high-quality environmental protection products, not let go of any link from upstream to downstream, and constantly explore the new realm of environmental protection and health can be achieved. At the
    meeting, Dr. Chen also made an application of the upcoming new official website and new e-commerce, through the brand upgrade of the new image, with the help of the "Internet plus" platform, advancing with the times, the concept of "extreme health" into all links, the opening of the three trees "health plus" era.
    years, the three trees have been adhering to the "health, green, natural" concept, committed to mining products of science and technology, environmental protection and health performance. This release will make the three trees 13 years of new transformation, with an open attitude to the world to show themselves, to meet unlimited opportunities and challenges, to international strategy to promote products, industrial upgrading, to achieve brand improvement across; We believe that in the chemical industry, close to nature, respect for nature, the sincerity of nature is the best product, the three trees will be committed to "do deep, extreme health" brand concept, throughout the research and development, production, use and other links, will be the ultimate products, the ultimate service to every consumer and customers.
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