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    Throw it away without expiring? Global food vendors intend to unify date labels.

    • Last Update: 2020-09-17
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    Original title: Throw it away without expiring? Global food vendors to unify the date label
    "sales period" "best consumption period" "this day before consumption" ... Consumers often misunderstand the various date labels on food, thinking that the food has expired and throw it away. In order to solve the problem of waste, the Consumer Goods Forum announced on September 20th that it plans to standardize the way food dates are labeled.
    Consumer Goods Forum, which includes 400 food production and retail giants from 70 countries and territories, will adopt a uniform and simplified date labeling method by 2020: perishable foods with expiration dates, such as "eat before this date";
    currently, there are 12 to 15 food date labeling methods. Common date labeling methods such as "sales deadline" and "food before this date" have been in use since the 1960s to ensure consumers' food safety, but the content of labels is constantly changing, which is a great problem for consumers.
    many consumers throw away foods that have not expired because they misunderstand the date of consumption. Instead of risking a bad stomach, they think, they should just throw away the food.
    according to data released by the consumer goods forum, the world wastes 1.3 billion tons of food a year, causing $940 billion ($6.2 trillion) in economic losses, and food waste and food waste account for 8 percent of the world's greenhouse gases each year. In addition, food waste in American households due to misunderstandings about food dates amounts to $29 billion (RMB191.2 billion) a year.
    a report last year by ReFED, the US food waste management group, said it would be "cost-effective" to standardize food date labeling. Global food waste will be cut in half by 2025 by introducing simplified food labeling, according to the Consumer Goods Forum. (Wang Yijun)
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