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    Tianjing Bio will announce Uliledlimab's mechanism of action and preclinical research data at the AACR annual meeting

    • Last Update: 2021-07-19
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    Tianjing Bio is a biopharmaceutical company in the clinical stage.
    It is committed to the target biological research of innovative biopharmaceuticals, antibody technology, and clinical development and product commercialization in China and the United States.
    It provides new types of cancer treatments in the world with urgent needs.
    Effective treatment

    The company announced today that it will announce the uniqueness of its self-developed and highly differentiated CD73 antibody uliledlimab (also known as TJD5) during the American Society for Cancer Research (AACR) online conference to be held from April 10 to 15, 2021.
    Mechanism of action and related preclinical research data


    Uliledlimab is an innovative CD73 humanized antibody that effectively relieves the immune suppression of the tumor microenvironment by inhibiting the production of adenosine to improve the systemic and local tumor immune response

    The molecular differentiation advantage of Uliledlimab lies in its unique pharmacological mechanism of action, that is, by recognizing a unique epitope, and completely inhibiting the activity of CD73 in an "endo-dimer" binding mode, so as to achieve superior anti-tumor effects

    This feature solves the problem of the "hook effect" that is common in other CD73 antibodies with a dose-effect deviation

    The company will focus on displaying the new protein structure of uliledlimab binding to CD73, as well as a series of preclinical data on inhibition of enzyme activity, immunomodulation and anti-tumor activity when its single agent and PD-(L)1 antibody are used in combination

    The research results announced this time further validate the differentiated advantages of uliledlimab and help to rapidly advance its clinical research and development


    The poster details are as follows:



    Preclinical characterization of uliledlimab, a differentiated CD73 blocking antibody with
    a unique intra-dimer binding mechanism for cancer immunotherapy

    Abstract number



    Zhengyi Wang, Vice President of Tianjing Bio-Drug Discovery

    At present, bio-day environment has been completed uliledlimab monotherapy with import and A (Tai Shengqi teplizumab
    ® ) clinical study a combination therapy of solid tumors of the United States, and has submitted plans to the American Society of Clinical Oncology material in 2021 ( The detailed data of the clinical study will be announced at the ASCO annual meeting

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