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    Home > Medical News > Medical Research Articles > Tianyan Pharmaceuticals to Present Four Posters at the American Cancer Society (AACR) Annual Meeting Showcasing Strong Data on the Company's Transformative Preclinical Product Pipeline

    Tianyan Pharmaceuticals to Present Four Posters at the American Cancer Society (AACR) Annual Meeting Showcasing Strong Data on the Company's Transformative Preclinical Product Pipeline

    • Last Update: 2022-04-30
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    -The newly announced tumor immunotherapy projects in multiple clinical application stages reconfirmed Tianyan's mission: to drive the original antibody technology platform with Tianyan AI , and to build a deeper, wider and more differentiated transformative product pipeline 

    -POWERbody® powerful antibody integrates SAFEbody® precision masking technology, designed to greatly improve efficacy on the basis of ensuring drug safety

    - Data demonstrate that safe, robust and durable immunotherapy targeting solid tumors can be achieved by covering and combining different mechanisms of action and pathways in the cancer immune cycle

    Suzhou, China and San Diego, U.
    , March 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Tianyan Pharmaceutical (the "Company" or "Tianyan") (NASDAQ: ADAG) is a platform-driven clinical A stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery and development of novel cancer immunotherapies based on original antibodies

    The company announced today that it will publish four abstracts ahead of the 2022 AACR Annual Meeting, including preclinical data from Tianyan's expanding pipeline of transformative products

    The full report summary is available on the official
    AACR Annual Meeting website and look forward to a poster presentation at the online/offline meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, April 8-13, 2022

    In the poster session, Zhongtianyan will present the preclinical data of the company's three highly differentiated, potentially best-in-class, IND-enabling drug candidates (ADG138, ADG206 and ADG153), as well as the company's tailored dual drug candidates.
    Recent achievements in the specific CD28 T cell engager (CD28-TCE)

    Details of the poster presentation include:

    • Abstract Title: ADG138, a Novel HER2×CD3 POWERbody? Potent Antibody Combining Bispecific TCE with Precision Masking to Control Cytokine Release Syndrome and Off-target Toxicity of Monotherapy and Combination Therapy in HER2-expressing Solid Tumors
      Abstract Number: 2869
      Presentation Date: ET, Tuesday, April 12, 
      2022 Beijing Time, Tuesday, April 12, 2022 Showtime
      : 9:00 AM ET – 12:30PM ET, 9:00PM GMT The next day at 12:30 a.
      Exhibition location (on-site participants): DH exhibition hall, exhibition area 37

    • Abstract Title: ADG206, a Tailored Potent Anti-CD137 Agonistic POWERbody TM Antibody: Enhanced Efficacy and Safety of Anti-CD137 Monotherapy and Combination Cancer Immunotherapy by Powerful Cross-linking and Tumor Site-Selective Activation
      Abstract ID: 2868
      Date of presentation: U.
      ET, Tuesday,

      12, 2022 Beijing time, Tuesday, April 12, 2022 Showtime
      : 9:00 am ET – 12:30 pm ET , 9:00 pm – early morning 12: 30Exhibition location (on-site attendees): DH Hall, Zone 37 

    • Abstract Title: Tumor-targeted bispecific CD28 POWERbody potent antibody platform (CD28 T cell engager): Safe and highly synergistic T cell-mediated immunotherapy
      Abstract ID: 2888
      Presentation Date: ET, Tuesday, 2022 April 12 
      , 2022 Beijing time, Tuesday, April 12, 2022
      Display time : 9:00 am – 12:30 pm EST, 9:00 pm 12:30 am On-site attendees): DH Hall, Zone 38 

    • Abstract Title: ADG153-G1 Safe Antibody, Highly Differentiated Anti-CD47 IgG1 Subtype Masked Antibody, Shows Greater ADCC/ADCP Activity and In vivo Antitumor Activity, and Significantly Reduced Erythrocytic Toxicity and CD47 Antigen Silencing
      Abstract ID: 4257
      Presentation Dates: Wednesday, April 13, 
      2022 Beijing Time, Wednesday, April 13, 2022 Showtimes
      : 9:00 am – 12:30pm ET, 9:00pm Beijing – The next day at 12:30 am Exhibition location (on-site participants): DH exhibition hall, exhibition area 39 

    "The poster highlights the potential of Tianyan's AI-driven antibody technology platform and the company's commitment to building a highly differentiated and transformative product pipeline
    " said Dr.
    Luo Peizhi, co-founder, CEO and chairman of Tianyan.
    vivo' platform technology, it can customize therapeutic antibodies targeting clinically important targets such as HER2, TROP2
    , B7H3 , CD137, CD47 and CD28, overcoming the challenges of traditional technology platforms, and through the verification and testing of Tianyan's independent clinical data.
    The blessing of strategic cooperation between multinational pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies


    Luo continued, "By applying safe antibody masking technology to a variety of antibody-based therapies, including our POWERbody powerful antibody technology, Tianyan is committed to creating safe and effective antibody immunotherapy covering the cancer immune cycle

    Currently, the company has A novel HER2×CD3 bispecific T cell engager (TCE) targeting solid tumors and an Fc-optimized anti-CD137 ADG206 program, both designed to improve safety and efficacy

    In addition, through the CD28 TCE program we hope Construct a new paradigm, that is, targeting conservative epitopes of antigens combined with precise masking technology, so that TCEs are only activated locally, thereby reducing the risk of known targeting CD28 and ensuring ultimate safety

    With these new therapeutic approach, our goal is to push the boundaries of existing TCEs -- to achieve truly safe, effective and durable responses in solid tumors


    About Tianyan Pharmaceutical

    Tianyan Pharmaceutical (Nasdaq: ADAG) is a platform-driven clinical product development stage biopharmaceutical company with independent platform outputs.
    The company is committed to discovering and developing novel cancer immunotherapies based on original antibodies

    Leveraging on computational biology and artificial intelligence, and with its world-first three-body platform technology (neo-epitope antibody NEObody®, safe antibody SAFEbody® and powerful antibody POWERbody®), Tianyan Pharmaceutical has established a focus on novel tumor immunity.
    A unique and original pipeline of antibodies for therapeutics to address unmet clinical needs

    Tianyan has reached strategic cooperative relations with a number of world-renowned partners, and empowers new drug research and development of partners with a variety of original cutting-edge technologies


    For more information, please visit: https://investor.
    and follow the official accounts of Tianyan Pharmaceutical on WeChat , LinkedIn and Twitter

    SAFEbody ® is a registered trademark of Tianyan in the United States, China, Australia, Japan, Singapore and the European Union

    Safe Harbor Statement

    This press release contains forward-looking statements, including statements regarding preclinical studies of ADG138, ADG206, ADG153G-1 and bispecific potent antibodies targeting CD28, the potential impact of the results of the preclinical studies of these antibodies, and the advancement of Tianyan Pharmaceuticals and anticipated clinical development, regulatory milestones, and commercialization of Tianyan's pipeline product candidates
    Actual results may differ materially from those indicated in the forward-looking statements due to various important factors, including, but not limited to, Tianyan's ability to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of its drug candidates; the clinical results of its drug candidates, which may No support for further development or regulatory approval; the content and timing of decisions made by relevant regulatory agencies on the regulatory approval of Tianyan Pharmaceutical’s drug candidate; Tianyan Pharmaceutical’s ability to achieve commercial success for its drug candidate if approved; Tianyan Pharmaceutical industry’s ability to obtain and maintain intellectual property protection for its technology and drugs; Tianyan Pharmaceutical’s reliance on third parties for drug development, manufacturing and other services; Tianyan Pharmaceutical’s limited operating history and Tianyan Pharmaceutical’s acquisition of additional working capital and completion of The ability to develop and commercialize its drug candidates; Tianyan's ability to enter into additional collaboration agreements beyond its existing strategic partnerships or collaborations, and the impact of COVID-19 on Tianyan's clinical development, commercial and other operations , and risks discussed more fully in the "Risk Factors" section of Tianyan Pharmaceutical's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission

    All forward-looking statements are based on information currently available to Tianyan Pharmaceuticals, and Tianyan Pharmaceuticals undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as may be required by law


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