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    To promote the process of a number of product development pipelines, intellectual nuclear organisms and geer organisms to achieve process development

    • Last Update: 2021-01-22
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    On January 12, 2021, Zhi nuclear biology and Geiger Bio reached a strategic cooperation on the issue of "Providing advanced process technology charactering services to intellectual nuclear organisms."
    As a biotechnology company focused on the research and development of large molecule biopharmaceuticals and contract-based research and development (CDMO-Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization), we will take advantage of our integrated services to accelerate the process of innovative biopharmaceuticals for tumor development and tumor therapy in chic organisms with systematic technology.
    , Chief Executive Officer of Nuclear Biology, said: "It is a great honor to be invited to visit The Magnity.
    Chi-nuclear Bio has been engaged in the research and development of innovative biological drugs for tumor development and oncology treatment for many years, has a radionuclide protein conceding platform and a single-domain antibody development platform, and has worked for many years in the field of new drug research and development that brings new hope to cancer patients, and is a new innovative biopharmaceutical company with in-depth clinical applications.
    the advantages of the chemical-gig organisms in the CDMO field, especially in the process charactering technology, are obvious to all in the industry, and are an important factor in the selection of the chic organisms.
    The achievement of this strategic cooperation will bring a clear competitive advantage in time, efficiency and cost to the research and development pipeline of intellectual nuclear biological products: on the one hand, play the advantages of both sides in their respective fields, accelerate the process of research and development pipeline of multiple products of intellectual nuclear biology, on the other hand, can quickly realize the dream of bringing molded drugs to cancer patients, and bring about qualitative changes in human health and longevity and a happy life.
    nuclear creatures hope to achieve long-term strategic cooperation with the bios in the future throughout the pipeline and other areas. Mr. Chen Jianxin, founder and CEO of
    Group Bio, said, "First of all, we would like to thank Mr. Zhi nuclear biosothics and professional leaders in various fields for their trust and choice, and we are committed to providing one-stop services such as drug research and development, process development and large-scale production to our biomedical counterparts."
    Yuge Bio has independently developed a trinity platform system for cell line development, cell culture process and media development, and has undertaken more than 80 CDMO projects to date, covering monoantigen, dual resistance, multi-resistance, antibody conceding drugs, fusion proteins and factor drugs, many of which are Sino-American double-reporting.
    " intelligent nuclear organisms in the tumor development, radiotherapy and other aspects of effective work for biopharmaceutical enterprises to solve the effectiveness and relevance of clinical trials to provide excellent ideas and solutions.
    is the earliest CDMO enterprise in China to provide research solutions for biomolenuary process characterization (PC, Process Characterization), and also the first CDMO enterprise in China to submit PC research data to CDE for review.
    Biocommitted to providing a high degree of professional services to complete this collaboration, to help the first new drug of intellectual nuclear biology in the competition for many similar products, the future together to witness the rapid development and success of intellectual nuclear biology in this field.
    has extensive experience in helping new drug developers develop and successfully market large-molecule drugs.
    To Junshi PD-1 antibody new drug "Towi" as an example, from 2012 to 2018 market, only six years, its quality and yield are in the forefront of domestic and foreign antibody drugs, the market price of the world's lowest, benefiting the vast number of cancer patients in China, and in the United States has been recognized by the FDA "breakthrough therapy."
    In the future, in the process of cooperation with intellectual nuclear biology, the company will also unswervingly play the advantages of integrated CDMO technology platform, especially in the process characterization for the project to provide high-quality technical support for intellectual nuclear biology to bring the industry competitive advantage, to maximize the assistance of intellectual nuclear biology to enhance its industry value, to become an industry benchmark.
    signing ceremony, Dr. Lu Siyuan, Deputy Director of Yuge BioBD, visited the Biopharmaceity Research and Development Center and Small Test Laboratory in Zhoupu, Shanghai.
    the laboratory is mainly used for process development experiments from DNA to IND.
    research and development center is equipped with nearly 100 bioreactive devices (2L, 5L, 10L and 20L), 7 AKTA stratography systems and multiple analytical testing equipment, can run 4 process profiling projects at the same time.
    About Sig Bios Shanghai Yuge Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017 in the New Area lining Hong Kong, China (Shanghai) Free Trade Pilot Zone, with core business including biomolete drug research and development, CDMO services (including cell plant development, process development and engineering amplification, 200 L/50) 0 L-scale GMP pilot production, construction of a number of 2000L / 5000L commercial GMP production, drug IND and BLA declaration, process signage and verification business), project transfer, medium development and annual output of 200 tons of animal cell medium production.
    About Intellectual Nuclear Biology Suzhou Zhi Nuclear Bio was established in 2015, obtained the Suzhou CorningErry and Mint Angel Fund Angel Wheel investment, followed by the Wozing Jingjia and Ruizhi Capital led by A and B round investment, is a "with the most innovative nuclear medical diagnosis and treatment products, give patients hope" as the mission of the nuclear pharmaceutical company, with "uniquely leading single-domain antibody research and development technology" based on the precision diagnosis / treatment of radioactive drug research and development platform.
    Chi-nuclear bio has a unique and rich product line of innovative nuclear medicine drugs, its recombinant human thyroxine products for the treatment of radioactive iodine for thyroid cancer have completed the clinicalization of all Phase III patients, followed by new radioactive drugs are also about to be declared clinical.
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