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    TOMRA promises to recycle 40% of the world's plastic packaging by 2030

    • Last Update: 2022-08-21
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    In recent years, plastic pollution has always been a hot issue of general concern in the international community


    Plastic 'closed loop' looms, TOMRA makes ambitious promise

    Plastics 'closed loop' is imminent, TOMRA makes an ambitiouscommitment

    In order to solve the dilemma of plastic waste, governments and enterprises around the world are making continuous efforts to explore measures to control plastic waste pollution and reduce waste from three aspects: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.
    environmental and social costs of the problem


    As a global leader in sustainable development solutions, TOMRA recently made an ambitious commitment: to achieve 40% of plastic packaging recycling worldwide by technical means by 2030


    At present, the global recycling rate of plastic packaging is only 14%, of which only 2% are "closed-loop" (referring to the same-level recycling of plastics, that is, recycled plastics are still used to make original products, not downgraded)


    Based on sustainable development, promote the implementation of circular economy

    Based on sustainable development, promote the implementation of circular economy Based on sustainable development, promote the implementation of circular economy based on sustainable development, promote the implementation of circular economy

    When announcing TOMRA's commitment to recycling plastic packaging, Mr.
    Shi Daifeng, CEO of TOMRA Group, also pointed out: "A circular economy for plastics is not an unattainable dream.
    The existing technical means can fully contribute to the realization of this goal.
    We have sufficient resources to achieve this goal.
    The reason is to have confidence in the future


            In order to ensure the realization of plastic packaging recycling commitments, TOMRA will cooperate with resources from the two major sectors of technology and policy to reshape the construction of the global plastic recycling system


            With extensive industry experience and cutting-edge sorting and recycling technologies accumulated around the world, TOMRA has established extensive cooperation with a large number of leading consumer goods brands, plastic product production and recycling companies, and uses technical means to promote the availability of human beings and resources.
    continuous development


            TOMRA expects to achieve the goal of sorting and recycling 8 million tons of plastics from domestic waste every year in 2025, of which 2 million tons can be recycled at the same level (that is, the quality of recycled materials can be comparable to virgin materials)


            In the future, TOMRA Group will continue to make more innovative breakthroughs in sorting and recycling technology with practical actions, and actively promote advanced and efficient recycling experience and systems, and practice the company's efforts to reduce plastic waste pollution, Responsibility for improving resource utilization and other aspects, and setting a benchmark and model for sustainable development for the world's resource recycling industry
    I believe that in the near future, TOMRA's promise will be truly realized!

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