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    Traceability of pesticides with ID card videos is no longer difficult

    • Last Update: 2022-02-27
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    Can more than 1,200 pesticides commonly used in the world have an electronic identity? Can pesticide residues be traced to the source through video? On June 26, Pang Guofang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and chief scientist of the Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine Sciences, gave his answer at the "Science and Technology Promoting Agricultural Supply-Side Structural Reform" strategy and decision-making high-level forum
    Pang Guofang said, “How to realize the electronic pesticide residue detection, how to realize the automation of pesticide residue big data report, and how to realize the video-based pesticide residue risk traceability are the three major challenges facing China's pesticide residue detection

    ” Pesticide residues have ID cards and pesticide residues.
    How to realize electronic testing?
    Pang Guofang said that, first of all, two kinds of high-resolution mass spectrometry were used to analyze more than 1,200 kinds of pesticides commonly used in the world, and a database of two kinds of pesticide residue electronic standards was established, including a primary standard database and a secondary standard database

    Researched out their own unique electronic identities for more than 1,200 pesticides

    Write the pesticide electronic identity into the pesticide residue detection software, and then implant the pesticide residue detection software into the detection instrument to make it run automatically

    In the detection process, the detected target pesticides are automatically compared with the pesticide mass spectrometer library, which realizes the detection of pesticide residues using electronic standards

    How does big data interconnection realize the automation of pesticide residue big data report generation? Pang Guofang explained that through the ternary fusion technology of high-resolution mass spectrometry + Internet + intelligent analysis, the generation of pesticide residue big data reports can be automated

    Through the deployment of network laboratories across the country, the Internet is used to realize the interconnection of pesticide residues big data, through the automatic generation of pesticide residue detection report software to achieve "one-click download" of a provincial and municipal document and map combined detection report 20-30 minutes automatically Generated

    Video traceability is no longer difficult.
    What is the purpose of pesticide residue detection?
    Pang Guofang said, "Pesticide residue detection is to realize the video of risk traceability

    " Through the ternary fusion technology of high-resolution mass spectrometry + Internet + geographic information system, the video of risk traceability can be realized.

    The laboratory associates the detected fruit and vegetable pesticide residue database with the geographic information basic database.
    After the association, the pesticide residue mapping database and the pesticide residue map database are formed.
    After the two databases are interconnected, the pesticide residue geographic map is formed.
    In this way, pesticide residues can be traced to the source by video

    At present, the “Pesticide Residue Detection Report”, “Pesticide Residue Level Atlas” and “Pesticide Residue Online Mapping System” for fruits and vegetables sold in 31 provinces and cities have been formed to implement the “Pesticide Use Zero Growth Action” in the national “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” outline.
    "And "Promoting the construction of a healthy China" provide scientific data support

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