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    Tracking the cause of atmospheric ozone monitoring instruments help ozone pollution control

    • Last Update: 2022-06-21
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      【Hot attention from Chemical Machinery and Equipment Network ] On September 14, the Chinese Academy of Sciences officially launched the "Atmospheric Ozone Tracing and Control" scientific and technological project to conduct research on the causes of atmospheric ozone pollution, the research and development and application of monitoring and control technologies for ozone pollution control Provide dual support of scientific theory and technology.

    Hot attention of Chemical Machinery Equipment NetworkChemical machinery and equipment
      As the three-year action plan for the defense of the blue sky has entered its final stage, my country's treatment of traditional soot-type pollution* has significantly improved the air quality across the country, and the degree of pollution has been significantly improved.
    At the same time, complex atmospheric pollution represented by ozone pollution has become increasingly prominent.
    The next stage of atmospheric treatment tasks will gradually shift to compound pollution, and ozone will also be the same as PM2.
    5, becoming a key goal of the blue sky defense war.
    Prior to this, strengthening the research on ozone pollution is imminent.


      The causes, sources, and migration and transformation mechanisms of ozone pollution are complex.
    Although we already know that ozone is a secondary pollutant generated by the photochemical reaction of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds under ultraviolet irradiation and other conditions.
    However, the relationship between nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds and ozone concentration is not a simple linear relationship.
    Meteorological factors such as wind speed, ultraviolet intensity, and temperature speed also have a great influence on the changes in ozone concentration.
    There are still many unclear issues regarding the formation and diffusion of ozone pollution, and further research is needed.
    These studies will become the basis for solving the ozone problem from the source.


      In the "ozone" special research,Monitoring equipment will play a key role.
    In order to improve the level of prevention and control of ozone pollution, not only the concentration of ozone in the atmosphere needs to be monitored, but also the precursors of ozone—nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds, as well as meteorological factors that affect the formation of ozone.
    On the one hand, by monitoring the influence of changes in precursors and meteorological factors on the ozone concentration, mathematical analysis methods can be used to establish related models to accurately predict ozone pollution and find key factors to reduce ozone concentration; on the other hand, by examining the precursors Through the traceability of the source, the source of ozone pollution can be found, and targeted measures can be taken to alleviate ozone pollution from the source.

    Monitoring instrument
      At present, there are relatively mature monitoring methods for nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds, while the monitoring of ozone still has a lot of room for development.
    The determination methods of ozone prescribed by the national standards of our country are ultraviolet photometry and indigo sodium disulfonate spectrophotometry, which have lagged behind the development of technology.
    New ozoneSensors and ozone lidar technology have begun to be widely used in ozone concentration detection.

      As the "ozone" special project will carry out research on the coordinated control system of PM2.
    5 and ozone, the monitoring of ozone also needs to be combined with PM2.
    5 monitoring.
    In this regard, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has successfully developed a lidar system for space-time detection of atmospheric fine particles and ozone, which can quickly monitor the space-time distribution of M2.
    5 and ozone online.
    This also means that lidar technology will have broad application prospects in the next stage of atmospheric governance.


      The causes of ozone pollution are complex.
    The characteristics of ozone pollution in different regions are closely related to local meteorological conditions and primary pollution.
    This also puts forward higher requirements for the monitoring capabilities of the environmental protection departments in various regions.
    When the "ozone" special research is gradually carried out and the new air pollution control plan is implemented, it can be expected that environmental monitoring stations will update a large number of monitoring instruments, and the environmental monitoring instrument industry will also usher in new developments.


      Original title: Tracking the cause of atmospheric ozone monitoring instrument to help ozone pollution control
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