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    Traditional leak detection method for vials

    • Last Update: 2022-05-03
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    The traditional leak detection method of vials The principle of testing the tightness of vials is as follows: place the sample to be tested in water in a sealed tank, and vacuum the inside of the sealed tank to generate a certain pressure difference between the inside and outside of the sample , if the sealing of the sample is not strict, the gas inside it will overflow from the inside of the sample under the action of the pressure difference, which is manifested as continuous bubbles on the surface of the sample

    Therefore, the tightness of the sample can be judged by observing whether there are continuous bubbles on the surface of the sample

         Selection of physical quantitative leak detection methods for vials

    At present, the physical quantitative methods suitable for leak detection of vials include vacuum decay method, laser method and high voltage discharge method

         Vacuum decay method: It is suitable for freeze-drying and water acupuncture vials, that is to say, if you want to detect water acupuncture vials and freeze-dried vials, the vacuum decay method can be used

         Laser method: suitable for nitrogen-filled or negative pressure vials with headspace

    If it is a freeze-dried vial or a water needle vial filled with nitrogen with a certain headspace

         High voltage discharge method: suitable for water needle vials

    If there are protein particles in the vial, you need to choose the high voltage discharge method

       In contrast, the vacuum decay method has wider applicability, because the vacuum decay method can detect both liquid-filled vials, vials with atmospheric headspace, and freeze-dried powders.
    Acupuncture bottle


    The laser method can only detect the freeze-dried powder vials in the above three kinds of samples, and the high voltage discharge method can only detect the first two kinds of the above three kinds of samples

         The above is the relevant content of Ronggan Intelligent's introduction to the traditional leak detection method and physical quantitative leak detection method of vials.
    I hope it will be helpful to you.
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