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    Training Charging . . Care water-like wood lacquer furniture 6 elements!

    • Last Update: 2020-12-07
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    Water-based wood paint because of environmental protection and health, more and more respected by users. In the use of water-based wood paint coating, wood lacquer film maintenance has become the key, especially wood furniture surface lacquer film, if the maintenance is good, paint film year-on-year clear and transparent, bright as new, otherwise wood furniture will soon be dull color, lacquer film cracking peeling, then, how to maintain water-based wood lacquer film? In the daily use must pay attention to the following points:
    1, wood furniture to be coated with water-like wood paint for a week before normal use;
    2, wood paint coated furniture can withstand the high temperature of water cups, but avoid close to the stove and warmer pieces and other heaters, so as to avoid high temperature baking caused by wood furniture deformation, resulting in paint film surface cracking, peeling;
    3, wood furniture surface paint film to often wipe with soft gauze, reduce dust stains, and regularly wipe with car wax or floor wax, can make the surface paint film as shiny as new;
    4, try to avoid contact with high concentrations of chemical reagents, so as not to damage the paint film;
    5, if the wood furniture surface paint film stains, to immediately wash off with low concentration of soap or cleaning water, and then wash with water, wipe dry, and finally wipe with the car wax on it;
    6, wood furniture surface to guard against deliberate collision with hard objects and knife carving, otherwise it is easy to paint film caused hard damage;
    7, if there is a glass table, the following should be laid cotton table cloth, should not be directly spread paper or plastic film, otherwise a long time, paper, plastic film will adhere to the paint film, damage paint film;
    8, every few years, it is best to re-brush a layer of water-based wood paint, in order to keep the furniture paint film in the home is always new, durable.
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