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    Translation of commonly used words in powder coatings

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    < br / > hardener or crosslinker< br / > cureoven solid "abrasive Abrasives < br / > acoursematerialsisedingblastcleaningussandsteelshotglassbeadsorplastics< br / > used for blast cleaning a flowing material, such as sand, steel shot, glass ball or plastic products< br / > absorption < br / > process of absorption of one substance by another< br / > AC (current) alternating current < br / > current alternating current< br / > accelerator crosslinkersorresins.Catalyst A material that accelerates curing or crosslinking and can be mixed in a crosslinker or resin to catalyze< br / > aciularpigments a kind of needle like pigment< br / > acrylic acrylic type < br / > acoatingpower with designable content of polymers containing short chains of various acrylicmonomers< br / > a powder coating type, in which the effective resin system is short chain ester polymer of different acrylic monomers< br / > acrylic resin riousacrylicmonomers.Acrylicsareusedforautomotivetopcoatsandinotherapplicationsresistancetochalkingwithexposuretosunlightisimportant < br / > a transparent ester resin polymerized by different acrylic monomers, Acrylic resin has a very high resistance to pulverization in the sun with car top coating or other occasions< br / > additive chemicals < br / > added to a power coating to improve some properties such as flow gloss and texture control< br / > adhesion < br / > Bondingstrength.Molecularattractiontothesubstratesurfacetowhichapowdercoatingisapplied .Aconditiononematerialisattachedtoanotherbymean sofsurfaceattraction.Adhesionisaffectedbytheconditionofthesurfacetobecoatedbytheclosenessofcontactandmolecularforces .Thesurfacebeingcoatedshouldallowacertainamountofpenetrationbechemicallyc The molecular attraction between the powder coating and the substrateThat is to say, the attraction between the surface of one material and the surface of another materialThe adhesion is affected by the coating surface, such as the degree of adhesion and intermolecular forceThe coated surface is allowed to form a large number of penetration through chemical treatment and hardening treatment, so as to obtain good adhesionThe process of adsorption to surfaceAerosol atomized Dispersingofaliquidintoagasforsprayingoftenusedfortouch-uppaints liquid to gas dispersion, such as spray < br / > agglomeration < br / > a lump of powder particlesboundlooselytogether in a clusterscontainingtrappedair < br / > air classification < br / > device used in powder coating manufacturing to air particle size management < br / > air compressed air < br / > airhouse air hose < br / > aspect of non me < br / > total tubing used to reduce compressed air for paint or powder coating to release non-metallic pipe parts of compressed air < br / > airreceivers < br / > tanksintowhichcompressedairistored fromtheaircompressor.Receivershelpeliminatepulsinginthedischargelinesandalsoactasstoragecapacityduringintervalswhendemandexceedsthecapacityofthecompressor < br / > the tank for storing compressed air can eliminate the pulse phenomenon of the air system and has the storage function < br / > air valve < br / > control valve in air system for setting volume and pressure < br / > air velocity < br / > measurement of air velocity typically in feet or meters per minute < br / > air volume < br / > measurement of air volume in cubic meters per minute < br / > alkali strong base < br / > causticnorganic substances that have the characteristics of being stronglybasic (high pH) (example are solid hydroxides or causticsoda) < br / > corrosive inorganic substances that have a very strong base (high pH) (such as sodium hydroxide or caustic soda) < br / > ambient environmental conditions < br / > surrounding environmental conditions < br / > amines < br / > Organiccompounds.AstructuresometimesusedincuringagentsinEpoxypowdercoatings < br / > organic compound, a chemical structure used in epoxy powder coating as curing agent < br / > amp < br / > aunitofe lectricalcurrentflow.Thecurrentproducedbyonevoltappliedacrossaresistanceofoneohm < br / > unit of current Apply a certain voltage on the resistance to form a current AntiFoamagent antifoam agent Materialusedinpre-treatmentsystemstoreducethetendencyofthechemicalstofoam.
    reduces the chemical foam material in the pretreatment system < br / > antioxidant < br / > organic compound added to coating to slow oxidation and aging < br / > Application coating < br / > process of applying coating to substrate < br / > aquarba < br / > sedmatic < br / > moisture in the material < br / > arcing arc < br / > adischarge of built-up electric charge of forming a spark at a point of lower charge or earth < br / > ASTM < br / > the American Society for testing materials < br / > the American Society for testing materials < br / > combines < br / > retaining foreign molecules on the surface of a substance < br / > atom atom atom < br / > the smallest unit of a single element that tilpos sesses the properties of that element < br / > the smallest unit of an element that determines its performance < br / > atomization < br / > the distribution of powder particles with their own formation in the spraying application process < br / > atomizing air < br / > air jet into the powder path to atomization to a pattern < br / > air jet from powder path to spray forming (workpiece) < br / > backionization < br / > condition which may produce electronegative application of powdercoatingxcessive build up of charged power particleslimit of the powderporter obedopos itedontothesubstrate.Apockmarkingpatternusuallyoccursonthepowdersurface < br / > a situation that occurs during electrostatic powder coating, The powder deposited on the substrate exceeds the limit of charged powder particles, and there will be some pockmarks on the surface of the powder < br / > bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell bell plicatorisbellshaped.Centrifugalforcethrowsthepowderoffitsedgeintoafinepattern The charged particles are retained on the surface of the workpiece < br / > binder binder < br / > the port of the crowd formula that forms the price arystrengthofthefilm.Itbindspigmentsandadditivesintoasolidfilmandtothesubstrate < br / > in the powder coating formulation, the main component of the coating film, which is used to connect pigments and additives, and form a solid coating film on the substrate < br / > blast cleaning < br / > removal of surface contamination and corrosion products by means of air and abrasive Abrasives (also referred to as sand blasting or shot blasting) < br / > blistering bubbles < br / > formed under the cured powder film usefully caused by the expansion of rapid moisture or corrosion A hazy appearance of the coating surface < br / > bridging ability < br / > the ability of afinish to cover cracksvoids or mallgaps without breaking into the film < br / > the ability to avoid small cracks or fractures in the film and avoid bursting The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water by 10F < br / > mass per unit volume of powder in powder form including the air trapped between the particles < br / > caking < br / > agglomerations of powder on the wall of fluidized bed or in the powder delivery system < br / > calorie card < br / > quantity of heat needed to raise the temperature of 1gram of water from 14.5 to 15.5oc < br / > the heat needed to raise 1g of water from 15.5 to 15.5c < br / > cartridge boots filter element < br / > atypefreecoverybooththatincorporatesacartridge filters system to collect overspreadpowder A special chemical material, which can enhance or promote the curing reaction or reduce the baking temperature < br / > centrifugal force < br / > to force in a direction away from the center < br / > cavitation phenomenon < br / > failure of a power to flow to the intakeof a feed system "" rating "< br / > CFM < br / > cubic feet per minute (air flow unit) < br / > chalking pulverizing < br / > surfaces of colour and glossinasociating from gradation of the binder by the UV componentsinsunlight.Canbeseenasawhitedepositonthecuredcoatingsurface < br / > in the sunlight, due to the role of UV, the binder will degrade, so that the color and luster of the coating surface will be lost It can be seen that there is a white substance on the surface of the solidified coating < br / > chemical conversion coating oanotherchemicalform.Itincreasesresistancetocorrosionandpromotesadhesionofthecoating < br / > chemical treatment of the metal surface to form another chemical structure, which can increase the corrosion resistance and adhesion of the body layer < br / > chemical stripper < br / > astrosolvent and chemical sthat will remove the cured film from the me < br / > talsubstrate < br / > a very strong solvent or mixture, which can remove the cured film on the metal substrate < br / > chip chips < br / > the result of breaking extended power coating after cooling (also known as a kibble) < br / > the result of crushing (also known as coarse crushing) of powder coating after melting and extrusion < br / > chipping fracture < br / > the breaking away of smallpor
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