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    Transsexual pustules psoriasis: Imsidolimab named FDA orphan drug

    • Last Update: 2020-07-14
    • Source: Internet
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    Biotech company AnaptysBio announced today that the U.S


    has awarded the anti-white interleukin 36 receptor (IL-36R) antibody imsidolimab orphan drug for the treatment of patients with dyslezotic pustulitous psoriasis (GPP)

    Hamza Suria, President and CEO of Anaptys Bio, said, "The orphan drug designation is an important milestone in the imsidolimab program

    We look forward to advancing the clinical development of imsidolimab in GPP, PPP and other clinical indications that may be driven by IL-36R signal disorders."

    GPP is a life-threatening rare disease and currently has no approved treatment

    It is estimated that there are approximately 3,000 cases of GPP patients in the United States

    psoriasis can occur independently or on the basis of the original psoriasis, and the distribution may be generalized or limited

    Generalized pustules psoriasis (GPP) is acute or subacute and manifests itself as a pustules rash widely distributed on the inflamed erythema skin

    Limitation pustules psoriasis mainly affects the palm, foot or finger

    Partially prociatic or limited pustules psoriasis may actually be a new hereditary autoinflammatory disease based on the IL-36 receptor antagonist (IL-36Ra) mutation

    Other specific genetic abnormalities were also found in patients with pustules psoriasis

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