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    True stone paint construction process

    • Last Update: 2021-01-13
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    China Paint Online News Information
    Construction Guidance

    Construction Tools

    Stainless Steel Batch Knife Stone Paint Special Spray Gun

    Dilution Method

    No Dilution

    Tool Cleaning

    Cleaning with Clean Water

    Construction Conditions

    Immediately after construction, the wall temperature is required to be between 5 and 40 degrees C, moisture content ≤10%, air humidity ≤85%
    imitation stone effect standard construction process


    dilution ratio


    construction time

    re-painting time


    primer layer

    water-based transparent anti-alkali primer

    No dilution

    0.1 to 0.13kg/m2



    brush, roll

    water-resistant white alkaline primer

    15 to 30% clear water

    0.1 to 0.13kg/m2



    brush, roll Coating, spraying

    bottom coloring layer

    colored fine sand substrate (colored)

    no dilution

    1 to 1.5kg/m2




    watery exterior paint

    15 to 20% clear water

    0.11 to 0.14kg/m22



    brushing, rolling, spraying

    -block treatment

    the selection thickness of 1 to 1.5mm sponge tape as required for split treatment

    main coating

    stones, rock tablets, imitation brick coating

    no need to dilute

    0.16 to 3kg/m2

    1 to 1 1


    spraying, spraying

    -block treatment

    removal of sponge tape

    shrous varnish

    water-wearing cleansing

    0 to 20% clean water

    0.15 to 0.25kg/m2



    roll, spray,

    Oil cover light cleaning

    10 to 20% thinner

    0.15 to 0.25kg/m2



    roll coating, spraying
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