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    Turning to the medical representative record: what should the representative do quickly? What should businesses do?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Pharmaceutical Network, June 8 - The State Drug Administration has published the "Measures for the Administration of The Record of Pharmaceutical Representatives (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Draft for Comments"), marking the controversial pharmaceutical representatives, finally have a specific management approachMedical representatives are a legitimate and legitimate profession in our countryThe occupational code is 2-06-07-07Pharmaceutical representatives are indispensable scientific and technological intermediaries for medical progress and pharmaceutical development, and are the common needs of the development and progress of the two major industries of medicine and medicineThe 2015 edition of the People's Republic of China's Occupational Classification Code defines the occupational definition of pharmaceutical representatives: "Professionals who represent pharmaceutical manufacturers engaged in the transmission, communication and feedback of pharmaceutical information." "Clear tasks" are to "develop plans and programs for the promotion of pharmaceutical products, to communicate relevant information about pharmaceutical products to health care providers, to assist health care workers to use drugs rationally, and to collect and feedback on the clinical use of pharmaceuticals." "This is the legal position for the existence of medical representativesAt the beginning of 2017, the General Office of the State Council "Several Opinions on Further Reform and Improvement of policies for the Use of Drug Production and Circulation" clearly stated: "The food and drug regulatory departments should strengthen the management of pharmaceutical representatives, establish a system for the registration and filing of pharmaceutical representatives, and make the filing information public in a timely manner." Pharmaceutical representatives can only engage in academic promotion, technical advice and other activities, may not undertake the task of drug sales, their breach of trust recorded in the personal credit record"This is the regulatory duty of the government to regulate the professional activities of medical representatives and medical representativesThe term "Pharmaceutical Representative" as "Draft for Comments" refers to the professionals who represent drug marketing license holders engaged in the transmission, communication and feedback of drug information within the territory of the People's Republic of China, whose main duties include: academic promotion, technical consultation, assistance to medical personnel in rational use of drugs, collection and feedback on clinical use of drugs and information on adverse drug reactionsThis is a specific requirement for the filing of medical representativesThe content simply and clearly stipulated in the Draft for Comments is 18 articlesMainly include: First, to clarify what kind of medical representatives are, what can be done, can not do? Second, the power and responsibility of the listing license holders to the pharmaceutical representatives, the third is that the listing license holders and pharmaceutical representatives should disclose relevant information to the public and accept social supervision, and fourth, make it clear that the Chinese Pharmaceutical Society is entrusted by the State Drug Administration to build and maintain the filing platformPharmaceutical representatives, including pharmaceutical andmedical devices
    two categories of representativesThe urgent task now is to return from a pharmaceutical sales representative to a medical academic representative as soon as possible, which is the real function of the pharmaceutical representativeThis time, the Drug Administration's "Draft for Comments" is just the timeAccording to the Draft for Comments, the standard medical representative's work is for hospitals, and the real academic promotion work should be carried out through various forms Specific can include: 1, medical representatives to the hospital doctors to introduce new drugs (new research and development, new imitation) pharmacological, toxicology, mechanism characteristics and drug use precautions, introduce the use of old medicine and the abnormalities that occurred, answer the problems
    of hospital doctor
    s, help doctors, care personnel reasonable use of drugs; If necessary, the results of the enterprise's research and treatment should be fed back to the hospital doctors; 3, the pharmaceutical representatives should understand the effect of drug use through the doctor, collect adverse reactions and device failure after the use of drugs, and the doctor to study and improve the use of drugs, 4, according to the existence of local disease spectrum, changes and the characteristics of the use of drugs and equipment to the production enterprises to propose promotion plans and applications to meet the needs of disease detection and treatment   If this cannot be done, it can be improved through training to adapt to new requirements, or you can withdraw from the ranks of medical representatives and do other work   For the new medical representatives, there should be certain academic requirements Although they are not doctors, they are not drug developers, and do not require a higher degree But what should they know about academic communication between medicine and medicine? What do you do to be clear? Answer why? At this stage, the entry threshold should be at least above the undergraduate level For remote provinces and regions with real difficulties, a short period of transitional liberalization could be made by the provincial drug regulatory authorities   As the pharmaceutical representative who is now doing the drug and equipment marketing work, because of the rich expertise of medicine and equipment, has many years of experience in clinical promotion of drugs and devices, get to know a large number of doctors and experts, and often deal with hospital-related people, and know a lot of medical marketing methods and skills, in the pharmaceutical representatives and drugs, equipment marketing separation, can be standardized to become medical academic representatives, but also can be directly transformed into marketing personnel for enterprises   From several centralized volume procurement, the buyer's procurement varieties, purchase prices, procurement quantity of business requirements, more in-depth than before And in the future, with the advance of procurement work, there may be more bidding to negotiations, these need to know both medicine and equipment knowledge, but also know the business of personnel involved At the same time, drug circulation enterprises, including many pharmaceutical retail enterprises in order to adjust the business pattern and expand the needs of large-health operations, is strengthening and drug production enterprises, medical equipment manufacturers communication and contact, explore the purchase of drug centralized and DTP, equipment rental and sale, but also need pharmaceutical production enterprises, medical device manufacturers more knowledge of drugs, but also understand the business of professionals to participate Now the "non-business" of the pharmaceutical representatives, the future will be the new circulation, new retail needs of the source of talent   But these business and sales work can not be in the name of pharmaceutical representatives, not to use the way of gold sales, can not be kickbacks to open the way to promote the enterprise's products This is a high-voltage line that must not be touched   The Draft for Comments clearly states that the filing platform shall be entrusted by the State the Administration of Drug supervision and administration to build and maintain the China Pharmaceutical Society Such a provision is lawful and reasonable   This provision divides the duties of the drug marketing license holder and the filing platform: as the representative of the Pharmaceutical , the drug marketing license holder is responsible for the authenticity and standardity of the filing contents, and is responsible for the timely adjustment;   The characteristics of this platform: First, the platform is an independent operation of third-party non-profit institutions, not for profit purposes; These are enough to ensure the healthy operation of the platform The next step to be clear is no charge for filing? How much do you charge? It is best not to charge, the platform costs incurred by the state finance to bear   The reform of the function of the mechanism and the adjustment of personnel's responsibility are mutually causal and mutually reinforcing The publication of the Draft for Comments and the subsequent implementation will take the standardized management of medical representatives as a breakthrough, gradually face up to, clear and solve various undesirable phenomena in the field of medicine, and gradually improve the relevant management, forming an effective and reasonable mechanism wish the Draft for Comments an early official announcement and success!
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