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    Two JACS: Sustainable DNA Bioplastics from Yang Dayong's Team from School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Tianjin University

    • Last Update: 2021-12-03
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    Recently, it was learned from the School of Chemical Engineering of Tianjin University that the team of Professor Yang Dayong of the School of Chemical Engineering of Tianjin University has made progress in the field of DNA biofunctional materials
    Related two research results were published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society ("American Chemical Society") in the form of a long article


    DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), as the core genetic material of life systems, is essentially a green natural biopolymer with precise and controllable chemical structure and biological functions.
    It is a new type of functional material with great development potential, especially for life Biomedical materials in the health field

    Two important issues that need to be solved urgently are mass production and practicality


    In terms of mass production, the Yang Dayong team put forward the concept of sustainable DNA bioplastics, developed a new strategy for assembling biomass DNA and renewable ionomers, and cleverly used the non-covalent bond between DNA and ionomers.
    It acts to form a composite hydrogel and develops a new method for processing DNA materials at low temperature, which converts the DNA/ionomer composite hydrogel into bioplastics.
    The whole process of production, use and recycling is compatible with the ecological environment

    The creation of DNA bioplastics is an effective way to mass-produce DNA materials.
    According to statistics, the current total biological DNA reserves of the earth are about 50 billion metric tons.
    If a small part of them is converted into DNA bioplastics, it is expected to fundamentally alleviate petroleum-based DNA.
    Environmental and social problems caused by the use of plastics


    In terms of practicality, DNA is expected to play an important role in the field of biomedicine due to its superior properties such as biocompatibility, degradability, and low biological toxicity
    Through the ingenious design of DNA sequences, the team constructed a DNA network hydrogel containing a variety of functional modules to achieve efficient, specific and non-destructive separation of tumor-infiltrating T cells

    The purity of the obtained T cells reached 98%, and the survival rate reached 90%

    The DNA network hydrogel carrying T cells was injected into the tumor lesions of mice to achieve the controllable release and activation of T cells, and a significant immunotherapy effect was achieved

    It provides a new strategy for the separation of important biological particles (stem cells, immune cells, exosomes, etc.
    ), and opens up a new path for the immunotherapy of major diseases


    The above work explored the use of DNA to create substances other than life, proposed a new way of mass production of DNA bioplastics, solved the underlying technical problems in biomedical applications such as bioparticle separation and immunotherapy, and contributed to the promotion of DNA biofunctional materials.
    Development is of great significance


    (Qu Zhaogui Li Sha)

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