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    Two major injections are about to be evaluated! 3.8 billion contrast agents, 1.4 billion antineoplastic

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    On June 9, the listing application status of bortezomib for injection in Ouyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltdand iohexol injection in Shanghai steli Pharmaceutical Co., Ltdwas changed to "under approval"The two varieties were applied in four types of imitationsOnce approved, the production will be deemed to pass the conformity evaluationAccording to the data of minenet, in 2019, the sales of bortezomib and iohexol injection for terminal injection in public medical institutions in China were 1.442 billion yuan and 3.837 billion yuan respectively< br / > Table: Recently, some of the varieties in the state of trial < br / > bortezomib are dipeptidyl borate analogues, which are the first synthetic competitive inhibitors of proteasome for clinical use in the treatment of multiple myeloma and mantle cell lymphomaThe product was developed by Millennium pharmaceuticals, Inc (later acquired by Takeda), approved by FDA on May 13, 2003, and entered the Chinese market in 2005At present, Takeda is responsible for sales in the U.Smarket, with sales of 118.3 billion yen in 2019, while Johnson & Johnson is responsible for sales outside the U.S., with sales of 751 million dollars in 2019< br / > Figure 1: 2015-2019 sales of bortezomib for injection in China's public medical institutions (unit: 10000 yuan) < br / > data from the intranet shows that in recent years, the terminal sales of bortezomib for injection in China's urban public hospitals, county-level public hospitals, urban community centers and township health centers (referred to as China's public medical institutions) have increased year by year, reaching 1.442 billion yuan in 2019, Year on year growth of 6.21%< br / > Figure 2: competition pattern of bottezomib manufacturers for terminal injection in Chinese public medical institutions in 2019, Both Zhengda Tianqing and hausen account for more than 10% of the market share< br / > according to the data of, bortezomib for injection has not been evaluated by any enterpriseFive pharmaceutical enterprises, including Qilu, hausen and Zhengda Tianqing, have submitted supplementary application for conformity evaluation, which are currently in the process of "review and approval (in the drug review center)"; seven pharmaceutical enterprises, including Yangzi River, Shiyao, Ouyi pharmaceutical and Guoyao, have submitted listing application for bortezomib for injection with new registration classification, Ouyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltdhas made the fastest progress, and now it has entered the "in approval" stateIt is expected to be the first one to have been evaluatedIohexol Injection is a X ray contrast agent product In May 12th, Heng Rui announced that it would sign a cooperation agreement with Iohexol Injection and Iopamidol Injection It will be responsible for the commercial operation of the cooperative products in Chinese mainland, including marketing, self marketing or cooperative sales with distributors Lipanol injection has been approved for marketing in May this year, and iohexol injection is also on the market < br / > Figure 3: Sales of iohexol injection in public medical institutions in China from 2015 to 2019 (unit: 10000 yuan) < br / > according to the data of M-net, after the first breakthrough of 3 billion yuan in 2017, iohexol injection still maintained a good growth rate, reaching 3.837 billion yuan in 2019, a year-on-year growth of 3.52% < br / > Figure 4: Top 3 manufacturers of terminal iohexol injection in public medical institutions in China from 2015 to 2019 < br / > at present, the market of iohexol injection is dominated by Yangtze River, followed by general electric and Beilu pharmaceutical Yangzi River submitted the supplementary application for conformity evaluation of the product in July 2019, which is currently in the "review and approval (in the drug review center)" Shanghai sitaili exclusively reported the production by new classification, which has entered the "approval in progress" and is expected to be the first to have been evaluated
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