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    Ukip baby mother and child: Bao mas no longer need to look for unreliable substitute sourcing!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    Becoming a qualified mother behind the hard work of every woman, the new Jinbao mother is most concerned about the health of the childThe old saying is that "sickness from mouth", for the resistance of infants and young children are still very weak, the import of food safety is more important, which, breast milk substitute milk powder, but also parents bear the brunt of concern about the productmelamine incident, the state's supervision and management of milk powder more stringentInfant food is not only a routine monthly sampling, but also a double random samplingHowever, the strong supervision is also difficult to ensure that there is no leakage fish, in 2019 in the State Administration of Market Supervision issued food safety supervision and sampling analysis of the notice, had been sampled out of a batch of per jia babobi infant formula and 1 batch of the yugabebi infant formula is not qualifiedwhy such strong regulation is still risky, it starts with the milk powder production proceduresMilk powder manufacturers from dairy farmers to collect raw milk, to go through acceptance, purification, storage, deployment, homogenization, sterilization, concentration, spray drying, packaging and other procedures, any one of the procedures can cause the baby's food safety problems, how can you get your baby's food safety? Bao moms want to effectively lightning protection to ensure that the baby's food safety is not as good from the purchase channelsYujia baby mother and child franchise shop is the country's top ten mother and child brands, can be from the source for Bao ma guanYujia baby on the market milk powder for scientific investigation layer by layer, the highest quality milk powder introduced to the shopAt present, Yujia baby nationwide has 5000 brick-and-mortar stores, Bao mas do not need thousands of miles to find not reliable purchase, purchase convenienceNow more star Bao Ma should take the strength of the endorsementAfter the two-child policy, Bao Ma's pressure suddenly increased, there is a reliable procurement helper, not only to ensure the health of the baby, but also to reduce the procurement burden of the preferredread morerelated information: "Business case" Jiaxing Youjia baby shop owner Shi Lingyun 2 years to open 2 excellent home baby mother and baby shop!entrepreneurship has always been regardless of age, occupation, family background, there are rich second generation of entrepreneurship, but also ordinary people to start a businessToday's hero is an outstanding representative figure in the history of entrepreneurship, he is Henan's entrepreneurial youth Shi Lingyun Shi Lingyun was originally a steel factory director in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, annual income of nearly 1 million, see the development potential of the mother and child industry, decisively resigned from the position of factory director, in Jiaxing opened two excellent family baby professional mother and child shop Good at managing and operating Shi Lingyun, the hands of the two excellent family baby mother and child life museum business gradually into a better situation, his aim is to use the uin-home baby such a nationalwell chain mother and child brand in Jiaxing mother and child market to do a career Shi Lingyun: I as an undergraduate of ordinary universities, can have today's results all by their own hard work to get, I deeply know that such living conditions are hard-won, but I also know that can not work all their lives, young people will go out to break through I am 80, is also the oldest 80, I do not want to do nothing for a lifetime, want to come out to fight, because I personally also gave birth to two children, I think the mother and child market is the future development of faster, the potential of the industry Think of this as an opportunity, quit, I joined in May 2018 the first U.S baby mother and baby shop, in April 2019 opened the branch Shi Lingyun: before also searched a lot of brands on the Internet and made a comparison, but also in the local market to examine a lot of brands of mother and child stores, I think the market share of Yujia baby is high, store image effect is good, product rich, other franchise business is also very good, the overall give people feel good As a management person, I value more is the future development direction of The Ujia baby, and my understanding of the mother and child industry is consistent Shi Lingyun: I personally feel that the best service is the best service, after-sales service is very reassuring, the market patrol shop manager is also very professional, very good for our franchisees In the process of joining the shop encountered any problems, can be timely help to solve, this is really good Insufficient also, I feel that the independent brand of product category is not complete enough, although in many categories have been complete, but I personally think that there is still some lack Because independent products for franchisees are very important, is the key to store revenue, and for consumers more practical and more reliable, because the quality of the excellent baby system has been one of the most stringent brands in the industry, the production of products in terms of price has been very conscience, whether it is Anli skin, Sidebao or van net, can make franchisees satisfied, more consumer satisfaction Shi Lingyun: For Jiaxing urban area of the mother and child market I think so, Jiaxing adjacent to Shanghai, belongs to the Yangtze River Delta integrated development demonstration area, the urban development process is relatively fast, people's living standards improve significantly, the overall income of families is relatively high, almost completely into a new era of consumption upgrading It's not a contradiction that people pay more attention to brand and quality The product quality of well-known brands can be guaranteed, in the direct choice of brand without considering too many factors But for some new products, especially the more prominent quality brands, consumers are also more willing to try Back to the mother and child industry, Jiaxing urban consumer groups on the daily purchase of milk powder, diapers, nutrition, etc , brand demand is greater, unknown brands only excellent quality to attract their choice Shi Lingyun: Entrepreneurship is hard, presumably every entrepreneur can experience Entrepreneurship is not all plain sailing, especially new entrepreneurs, the situation of the industry is unknown, no experience to face market competition, many people start a business less than half a year to quit When I joined Ukip, I knew A Little Would Survive Although joining has a lot of advantages, the company's support for the new store is very strong, but as a franchisee must recognize a point, after all, the shop is in charge, only their own strong up, with the company's strategic layout, in order to better compete with the market New store opening, rob the surrounding mother and baby shop business, others will not look at you well, will think to try to hit you, exclude you This time is the test of joining entrepreneurs the most strict time, as long as adhere to this period, you can live in this market, the next step will start to make money Shi Lingyun: I hope the company can help plan a large-scale carnival activities, the whole Jiaxing City all franchisees to do together, the ujia baby brand deeply implanted in Jiaxing City every family of consumers, improve the status of Yujia baby in Jiaxing City, with an absolute advantage to bring professional maternal and child products and services to Jiaxing City to all consumers Also hope that Yujia Baby Business School can launch more training courses for our franchisees and shop assistants to carry out a full range of professional training, so that Yujia Baby to become a mother and child industry professional mother and child label
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