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    Under the general trend of innovation, the penetration rate of domestic high-end pharmaceutical equipment market will continue to increase

    • Last Update: 2022-02-22
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    [ Market Analysis of Chemical Machinery Equipment Network] Judging from the development status of the pharmaceutical equipment industry in recent years , the industry has concluded that the pharmaceutical equipment industry and enterprises are showing some new development trends, including: paying more attention to the concept of "green" environmental protection; continuing to increase research and development Investment and talent training efforts; strengthen new product research and development, actively increase the exploration of product technology automation and intelligence; change the role from a single equipment supplier to an overall solution supplier,

    Chemical Machinery Equipment Network Market Analysis Chemical Machinery Equipment Pharmaceutical Equipment
    Taken as a whole, many of these trends are arguably tied to innovation
    It is understood that this is mainly because the ecological environment for new drug research and development in China is maturing and ushering in a golden age of development
    At present, with the continuous development of China's innovative drug industry, in the face of the new situation, because drug research and development, production and pharmaceutical equipment are inseparable, so in the process of accelerating pharmaceutical innovation, pharmaceutical companies have begun to demand pharmaceutical equipment, especially high-end pharmaceutical equipment.
    Expansion, which has led to equipment innovation and product line upgrades become imperative


    The industry expects that, although overall, the overall growth of China's pharmaceutical industry has been relatively stable in recent years
    However, in the future, under the new medical reform policies such as centralized drug procurement, the requirements of pharmaceutical companies for the production capacity of equipment will change significantly.
    At the same time, the pharmaceutical equipment industry will continue to accelerate the pace of innovation and upgrading in order to meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies


      It can be seen that, in fact, more and more pharmaceutical equipment companies have begun to continuously improve the level of intelligence, continuity and automation of pharmaceutical equipment by planning ahead and accelerating innovation
    While helping pharmaceutical companies to increase production capacity, it also reduces their costs


      For example, a manufacturer of a fully automatic high-speed packaging production line has opened up an integrated two-line dual-purpose production model by introducing and absorbing professional technologies, doubling the production capacity of the linkage line, greatly increasing the production capacity, and reducing labor costs
    In addition, there are also solid preparation equipment companies that provide innovative solutions to promote the continuous production of solid preparations
    It is reported that from powders to tablets and capsules, the company can help customers develop, produce and package their products flexibly, from batch production to continuous production


      At present, with the changes in the requirements and needs of pharmaceutical companies, domestic pharmaceutical equipment is still more and more inclined to develop to high-end through innovation
    It is understood that many pharmaceutical companies have begun to innovate and develop more intelligent pharmaceutical equipment that can improve production efficiency to ensure the stable production of safer and more effective high-quality drugs
    For example, in recent years, enterprises have broken the traditional technological process by making full use of Internet technology, Internet of Things technology, automated logistics system and other technologies, and realized a new model of robot manufacturing, using industrial robots to produce medical robots
    Previously, the relevant person in charge of the company also made it clear in an interview with the media that the company has built the first smart factory in the domestic medical equipment industry


      It is worth noting that in the "Guiding Opinions on Expanding Investment in Strategic Emerging Industries to Cultivate and Strengthen New Growth Point Growth Pole" jointly issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and other four departments earlier, it was clearly proposed to focus on supporting high-end medical equipment and pharmaceutical equipment and other high-end equipment.
    production, and implement pilot demonstrations of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent construction
    Affected by this, the industry expects that in the future, more and more pharmaceutical equipment companies with independent research and development capabilities will continue to improve and innovate in technology, develop towards the mid-to-high end, and create more intelligent and modern pharmaceutical equipment to help pharmaceutical companies improve.
    Production automation level, improve efficiency and reduce costs


      In this context, affected by the acceleration of innovation in the domestic pharmaceutical equipment industry and the continuous emergence of innovative achievements, the market penetration rate of domestic advanced pharmaceutical equipment is expected to continue to increase in the future, and the import substitution of domestic pharmaceutical equipment may also accelerate


      Original title: Under the general trend of innovation, the penetration rate of domestic high-end pharmaceutical equipment market will continue to increase
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