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    Up to $544 million, a review of 40 m & A deals in global digital healthcare in 2016

    • Last Update: 2016-12-27
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    Source: Xin 2016-12-27 2016 is coming to an end Looking back at the whole year, as last year, this year is also a very important year for the acquisition activities in the field of digital medicine In 2016, the number of acquisition activities reached 40, more than 36 in 2015 This includes many high-profile and eye-catching companies, such as Google Fitbit, Philips, etc The author compiles the M & A activity inventory summarized by foreign media for you to learn more about the industry M & a trend this year According to the data observed by mobihealthnews, in the first two quarters of 2016, there were 16 acquisitions; in the third quarter, M & A activities continued to be active, with a total of 15 acquisitions and 1 merger; in the fourth quarter, another 8 acquisitions were added The 14 disclosed transactions are listed in order of transaction amount, while the 26 undisclosed transactions are listed in chronological order 1 Thoma Bravo acquired imprivata in July this year Imprivata, a developer of medical IT security tools, headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts, agreed to be acquired by Thoma Bravo, a private equity company in San Francisco, as a subsidiary The deal, worth about $544 million, is the biggest acquisition of the year Under the terms of the agreement, registered shareholders will receive $19.25 in cash per ordinary share of imprivata, a premium of 33% over the closing price of the final share of imprivata of $14.50 2 The acquisition of value health by whole health is a high-tech service enterprise focusing on value based healthcare The acquisition was completed in October and amounted to $219.4 million Shortly before the deal ended, value health had just signed a large contract with mdwise, a 400000 member provider of federal medical assistance in Indiana In a call to investors, Frank Williams, CEO of evant health, said the acquisition will add 1 million users to evant health's 12 partners 3 Wolters Kluwer health acquired Emmi solutions, the former is the owner of uptodate and lexicomp, a mobile product for doctors, and the latter is a company that develops patient engagement software The deal was completed in October and amounted to $170 million This acquisition deserves attention because it is Wolters Kluwer's first patient engagement centric acquisition The company's previous M & A activities often revolved around doctor centered tools, such as uptodate and lexicomp, and pharmaceutical information apps, such as medi span 4 Mars petcare's acquisition of Whistler was completed in April with a transaction value of nearly $117 million Whistle, a San Francisco based pet fitness tracking company, has developed a smart collar that people can use to track their dog's location and activity Pet activity data can be sent from the collar to the matching app to help users accurately locate the location of the pet dog; it can also show users the history of dog activity and sleep mode Mars petcare is a well-known pet food manufacturer, with brands including Imus, powerway and Viagra Mars petcare's parent company is Mars, a famous candy manufacturer, which has 29 brands of candy products, including M & M Chocolate, dove, Schlegel and Twix 5 The acquisition of edevice by ihealth labs was completed in September, with a transaction amount of 106 million US dollars (98.33 million euros) Ihealth labs is a subsidiary of Jiuan medical, a Chinese medical equipment company It has offices in Paris, France, mountain view, California and other places Edevice is an old European enterprise headquartered in Bordeaux, France, which provides back-end infrastructure for hospitals and medical service institutions to connect remote monitoring equipment Ihealth is one of the first companies to enter the field of smart phone internet medical equipment Its products include various scales, activity trackers, sphygmomanometers, blood glucose meters, etc and are sold in the United States, Europe and China Recently, the company has transformed from mainly producing products directly facing consumers to B2B products; the ihealth connect released at this year's Institute of medical information and management systems (HIMSS) is an enterprise level health management system The ihealth gateway under the system is a safe data center, which can collect data from various ihealth household devices, diabetes management, outpatient treatment and population health software systems The acquisition of edevice shows that ihealth will go further in the field of enterprise devices: edevice's technology will help ihealth transfer data from its various devices to healthcare institutions 6 The acquisition of fitnesskeeper by ASICs was completed in February this year, with a transaction amount of US $85 million Headquartered in Boston, fitnesskeeper owns the sports app runkeeper, which has raised about $11.5 million since its inception, while ASICs is a Japanese clothing company Arthur's acquisition of runkeeper focuses on the development potential of one-to-one marketing and the app platform itself, because even after the acquisition, Arthur will not change it Jason Jacobs, chief executive of fitnesskeeper, also promised that there would be no difference in the experience of end users after the acquisition 7 In April, Logitech acquired jaybird, a wireless headset company, with a total of US $50 million In addition to the sports wireless headset set, jaybird also produces a wrist event tracker called reign, but the product line is not the focus of the acquisition 8 Fitbit's acquisition of pebble in early December witnessed an acquisition that shocked the global wearable field: Fitbit acquired pebble's assets, including its software IP and personnel Although the transaction price has not been officially disclosed, many financial reports quoted insider information that the purchase amount should be between 34 million and 40 million US dollars This acquisition means that pebble devices will no longer be updated, but Fitbit will still support existing pebble devices for at least some time 9 The acquisition of telcare by bioptelemetry is an early trendsetter in the field of mobile medicine The original name of bioptelemetry is cardionet, while telcare is the first diabetes management technology company to produce the FDA approved cellular mobile network blood glucose meter The acquisition was completed in December, with bioptelemetry paying $7 million in cash and an additional $5 million in performance-based profitability payments in cash 10 Sharecare acquired healthways' population health business in July this year Healthways, a Nashville based employee health company, agreed to sell its population health business to sharecare, based in Atlanta, the largest acquisition of sharecare so far Sharecare will give healthways $30 million in common stock in exchange for its population health business, which includes 1700 employees, with an estimated annual revenue of $259 million Healthways will also pay sharecare $25 million in expected negative cash flow Sharecare can also reduce share based payments to $10 million if the loss exceeds $25 million 11 One medical group acquired rise In February this year, one medical group acquired rise, a nutrition coach app manufacturer, with a transaction amount of US $20 million Rise, founded in 2013, has become a rising star in the field of nutrition coach app, with a total financing of 3.3 million US dollars, and its consulting team is also starry, including Russ Phillips, Ph.D of Harvard University, Sanjay Gupta, chief medical reporter of CNN (the younger brother of suneel Gupta, co-founder of rise labs), Tony Horton, founder of p90x, Sam Yagan, founder of OkCupid Alex Schultz, founder of Facebook and vice president of user growth Rise provides users with a complete nutrition guidance system to help them lose weight and choose a positive lifestyle It requires users to upload photos of their food in each meal so that coaches (nutrition experts) can see their eating conditions and provide targeted help based on the information The coach also provides users with daily health feedback and tips In real life, a one-to-one nutrition coach usually costs more than $300 a month; however, in the rise system, the coach price can be as low as about $60 a month 12 HMS's acquisition of essette, which was completed in September, is a cash transaction with a purchase price of US $20 million HMS holding company has many subsidiaries, which provide software tools for insurance payers and so on; essette is a network-based management platform, which provides population health management and patient participation management for insurance payers and suppliers Essette works with a number of risk-taking supplier organizations, including managed healthcare and healthcare services Its software can help coordinate medical teams, help enterprises manage multiple data repositories, and improve communication between doctors and patients 13 Healthways divested meYou health, a Boston based innovation and digital healthcare subsidiary of healthways The deal was completed in July this year Rick Lee, a serial entrepreneur who sold early digital health platform healtherageous to Humana in 2013, led a group of investors, including ballast point ventures, Blue Shield of California and some famous individual investors, and bought meYou health for $11 million Rick Lee will be CEO of the newly independent meYou health 14 Mattel's acquisition of sprouting Mattel, headquartered in EI Segundo, California, USA, is the world's largest toy company, with a leading position in the design, production and sales of children's products Sprouting, a San Francisco, Calif - based company that develops baby wearable health sensors, has raised at least $6.5 million since its inception, the most recent round of funding disclosed last year by the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission Sprouting's investors include first round capital, forerunner ventures, firstmark capital, accelerator ventures, Lemnos labs, boxgroup, and Shawn fanning, the co-founder of Napster The company will still sell its product brand sprouting, but its team will also work with Mattel to design and develop new products under the Mattel brand The following are 26 M & A activities with undisclosed transaction amount 1 Greyhealth group (GHG) acquires lathe The deal was completed in February GHG is a healthcare organization of WPP group, a joint founder of Text4Baby and an early partner of IBM Watson Founded in 2003, lathe is a medical App Design and development company, and has cooperated with many healthcare companies to develop app and mobile website The selling point of lathe is a deep understanding of the medical marketing rules Its products include chronic disease management app, occasional therapy app, medical equipment app and OTC medicine app, etc., while the fist products include app for multiple sclerosis patients, iPad app for asthma and allergy patients, and one is Valeant Pharmaceutical companies built websites for parents of eczema children Two
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