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    • Last Update: 2021-07-21
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    Medical Network News, March 5, the
      price hit a national low.

    On March 4, according to the official website of Wuxi Municipal People’s Government, on March 3, the Wuxi Medical Insurance Bureau organized 43 second-level and above public hospitals in the city to form a
    procurement alliance with 25 Manufacturers carried out on-site negotiations on renewal of contract purchases for 4 types of medical consumables such as ultrasonic knife blades.
    In the end, the highest drop of the selected products was over 80%

    After nearly a day of intense negotiations on the spot, the average drop of all selected companies for the 4 types of consumables was about 60%, with the highest drop of more than 80%.
    The mainstream products of ultrasonic cutter head hit a new national low price

    In 2019, Wuxi City launched the price negotiation for the medical consumables alliance for the first time.
    The four types of consumables are medical polymer splints, central venous catheters, dialysate (powder) and ultrasonic knife heads, all of which have a high market share and competition.
    Sufficient varieties with strong clinical substitutability

    The relevant person in charge of the Wuxi Medical Insurance Bureau said that compared with the first negotiation, the price of the selected products continued to drop, further squeezing the price of medical consumables

    Take medical polymer splints as an example.
    In 2019, the highest drop of this product was 55%.
    After this negotiation, the highest drop was more than 80%.
    At the same time, alliance procurement and collective bargaining have further promoted the price of selected products to return to a reasonable level and improve the
    modernization of
    medical price management.

    The leader of the Wuxi Medical Consumables Alliance's contract renewal negotiation expert group said that if a
    company wants to win this market, it must show enough sincerity to exchange price with quantity
    Through the on-site negotiation of mass procurement, people can use affordable medical products and bring more benefits to patients

    A representative of a company participating in the negotiation said that collective bargaining has given companies more open and transparent competition opportunities, and hopes to participate in mass procurement, bringing more high-quality medical products to a wider range of patients, and also conducive to increasing the competitiveness of the company


      Ultrasonic knife market, domestic market needs to be broken.

    It is understood that the ultrasonic knife is also known as an ultrasonic soft tissue cutting hemostatic device.
    It is mainly used for cutting biological tissues and closing blood vessels.
    It has less bleeding, less damage to surrounding tissues, and faster recovery after surgery.

    Currently used in general surgery, urology, obstetrics and gynecology, head and neck surgery and other departments sector according to industry reports Synopsys, scalpel Jie currently configured in many departments, according to assume the top three
    hospitals configuration 5, dimethyl hospital Equipped with 3 Calculated by the standard of one set of 100 million yuan, and the average price of a single ultrasonic knife of 500,000 yuan, the domestic ultrasonic knife host market space is about 16 billion yuan
    As a consumable, if the average annual consumption of ultrasonic blades in the first to third-class hospitals is 130, the market space for blade consumables will be nearly 9 billion yuan

    Therefore, overall, the size of the ultrasonic knife market in China is about 25 billion yuan or more, and the industry has a lot of room for future development

    According to reports, the world's first ultrasonic knife was produced by Johnson & Johnson, and Johnson & Johnson quickly occupied the global market

    At present, the global ultrasonic knife market is mainly controlled by Johnson & Johnson, Olympus and other companies, of which Johnson & Johnson has a higher share in the global and Chinese markets

    Since the consumables of ultrasonic knife are high-end titanium alloy materials, the current domestic high-end production capacity of titanium alloy is insufficient, which limits the development of ultrasonic knife industry.
    Secondly, ultrasonic knife processing technology is more complicated, and the gap in the process will directly affect the output frequency of ultrasonic knife equipment.
    , And then affect the clinical cutting effect

    China Industry Information Network also shows that in 2019, foreign investment in the ultrasonic knife market accounted for more than 90%, with Johnson & Johnson dominating.
    Johnson & Johnson’s ultrasonic knife shipments (manufacturer caliber) are about 2.
    5 billion yuan a year, an annual increase of over 20%

    After the launch of Lepu’s ultrasonic scalpel, it is expected to enter a domestically-made alternative field with a large space.

    In July 2020, Lepu Medical responded to investors’ questions and stated that Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, occupies the main market for ultrasonic scalpel products in the world

    Puhui Medical, acquired by Lepu Medical, conducts independent research and development of ultrasonic scalpels.
    It was awarded the EU CE certificate in September 2019.
    Currently, foreign trade exports have been carried out.
    Domestic registration is in progress.
    The domestic ultrasonic scalpel market share is growing rapidly.
    The continued deepening of the market, and the huge market space for domestic substitution

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