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    Upstream and downstream enterprises to rob 4 trillion homewear market ushered in the "best era"

    • Last Update: 2021-03-04
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    China Paint Network
    Xiaomi home recently focused the eyes of the community on the 4 trillion home wear market. In fact, in addition to Xiaomi as the representative of cross-border enterprises, Vanke, Haier and other upstream real estate developers, Dongpeng home and other downstream materials manufacturers, there are some capital investment, has long been fixed on this big cake. A market share of $4 trillion is setting off a fierce battle. Industry insiders predict that the homewear market will usher in the "best years" in 2015.
    1.5 categories of enterprises to compete for 4 trillion home
    " is expected in the next five years hardcry housing to replace the blanket room. Lin Jinmu, Executive Director of China Low Carbon Industry Investment Center, said at the recent Dongpeng Home Global Launch Ceremony and Strategic Cooperation Signing Conference that the Ministry of Housing and Construction has issued a notice to encourage new commercial housing decoration in place or menu-style decoration, gradually to eliminate rough housing, directly to provide consumers with the goal of fully renovated finished housing, 4 trillion home improvement market is about to explode.
    not only Xiaomi, Vanke and other cross-border, upstream enterprises have announced their entry into the home improvement industry, tile industry giant Dongpeng Group also launched last week , "Dongpeng home." According to Wu Xiaochun, general manager of Dongpeng Home, Dongpeng Home aims to create a "one-stop green home service platform", integrating a number of high-quality and reliable materials, design and decoration companies, construction companies, service providers and other parts of the home industry chain, to provide developers with first-class solutions and services, aiming at the refined decoration market. Providing a total of six categories of collective procurement including labor, substrates, main materials, soft furnishings, furniture, home appliances.
    " currently occupies the home wear market has five major categories of enterprises, in addition to traditional homewear enterprises, there are cross-border, real estate, materials and capital enterprises. "The general manager of beautiful home, Zeng Yu Zhou, concluded that, especially materials companies, almost every mainstream brand in the home building materials sub-sector will be involved in the home improvement market." It can be expected that in 2015 an average of one business per day will enter the home-clothing industry. "
    2. Homewear industry ushered in the development peak, traditional enterprises to e-commerce transformation
    " more enterprises into the homewear industry, not only to bring competition, is bound to bring positive promotion to the development of the industry. Zeng Yu Zhou said that the current home wear market is still relatively chaotic, more focus on the home wear market, will bring new thinking patterns and cross-border talent, the rapid development of the industry has a positive significance. At the same time, it is also conducive to promoting the standardization of the homeware industry, accelerate the development of the industry. It can be said that the home wear market will usher in the "best years."
    the competitive situation, traditional enterprises with innate advantages are also facing the test of transformation and upgrading. In addition to confronting competitors head-on in traditional markets, the active development of e-commerce channels is considered an inevitable trend for future development. New Express reporter learned that the current mainstream home-made enterprises in Guangzhou are actively deploying e-commerce channels, the development of WeChat, Weibo and other new media platforms.
    in January 24 held the "beautiful home the first annual home Tmall home decoration pageant", Zeng Yu Zhou said that although the current home furnishings, building materials to do electric chamber of commerce encountered certain bottlenecks and difficulties, but e-commerce is the future development of the home industry highland. "It's hard to know exactly which channels consumers are coming from, stores, stores, advertising, networks and other channels to form a combination, online and offline can no longer be separated. E-commerce not only assumes sales, promotion and other functions, but also becomes a rapid feedback, service delivery, customer support, brand building an important window. Especially with the arrival of the mainstream of consumption after 80 and 90, e-commerce channels will be a platform that home-clothing enterprises can not ignore. ”
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