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    Upstream market volatility range PVC market weakness downward behavior

    • Last Update: 2022-12-12
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    According to the monitoring data (calcium carbide SG5 factory average price), the domestic PVC quotation on September 17 was 6879 yuan / ton, and the domestic PVC quotation was 6835 yuan / ton on September 21, an overall decrease of 0.
    64%, and the overall price of PVC was reduced by 50-100 yuan / ton, and the market was weak and downward


    From the perspective of price operation trend, PVC index price is currently in the lower edge of the shock range of 7100-6585 since May 2018, and since mid-August adjustment, the oscillator MACD fast and slow line golden cross upward and red bar signal synchronous appear, the price center of gravity has gradually moved up in the last 5 days, and it is expected that there will be a super fall rebound in the short term

    International crude oil futures prices broke through the volatility range since July, especially Brent main force broke through a new high since May this year, crude oil prices may continue to inertia higher
    As a positively correlated variety of PVC, strong crude oil prices play a strong cost support role
    for PVC.

    There are not many domestic spot supplies, and the transaction is tepid
    Participants maintained wait-and-see and actively shipped goods, and price fluctuations in local markets were limited
    As of the close of 5 type ordinary calcium carbide, the mainstream self-pickup quotation in East China was 6840-6910 yuan / ton; 6900-6960 yuan / ton self-pickup in South China; Shandong mainstream 6800-6850 yuan / ton delivery, Hebei market mainstream 6750-6800 yuan / ton delivery

    At present, the inventory is low, the spot premium pattern is conducive to the rebound of PVC futures prices, at the same time, the downstream inventory is not high, and the peak season demand is in, and the upstream is because of a wave of decline in the early stage, the production profit is significantly squeezed, which is not conducive to the release of later production, and the above factors make the short-term price of PVC still supported

    In terms of products: PVC futures prices mainly fluctuated and fell, and spot prices were affected by them, and the center of gravity shifted
    At the same time, the PVC market is in the off-season of consumption, the downstream wait-and-see attitude is dominant, the enthusiasm for procurement is not high, the actual trading volume is sluggish, and the demand side is weak, resulting in a continuous decline in the market, and the mainstream quotation range is 6650-7050 yuan / ton

    PVC analysts believe that PVC futures have recently fluctuated and fallen, the demand side is weak, and the market trading is cold, resulting in a continuous decline
    in prices.
    It is expected that it will be difficult to make a big improvement on the demand side in the short term, and the market will be the main
    player under the weak market.
    In the long run, the fourth quarter is the consumption off-season, expected to be bearish, it is expected that the market will be the main under the shock, PVC 5 mainstream quotation 6600-7000 yuan / ton

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