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    Urea's "tight balance" high-level operation leads the market to start to pick up in the north

    • Last Update: 2022-03-28
    • Source: Internet
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    As gas head urea companies in the southwest region were affected by natural gas shortages before the Spring Festival, the price of urea in Sichuan and Chongqing has been maintained at a high level of 2,300 yuan/ton, and the price has remained stable.
    The reporter learned from the grassroots spring ploughing in Sichuan that, affected by the policy, the current natural gas tension has eased.
    Except for a few companies, most of the companies have started construction, but the production capacity is still not satisfactory, which means 2300 The price of RMB/ton will continue for some time.
    Urea "tight balance" high-level operation At present, spring plowing in Sichuan Province has been started one after another.
    Although some parts of southern Sichuan have encountered drought, it has not affected the development of spring plowing.
    The grassroots dealers have less social stocks, and there are inquiries and small batch purchases.
    The market that has been silent for a winter is finally broken.
    According to the staff of Sichuan Kaiyuan, due to the increasing risk of urea operations in recent years, grassroots dealers’ inactive attitudes towards stockpiling are increasing year by year.
    On the one hand, they have avoided the risks of operators, and on the other hand, they have put pressure on large distributors.
    , But the small inventory at the grassroots level also brings hope to the spring ploughing market this year.
    The tight supply of gas-head urea in Sichuan Province has caused a tight balance in the market.
    If dealers continue to adopt the method of buying and selling, the market will always maintain a kind of liquidity.
    , Rather than the state that the end of the market is full.
    In terms of supply, under the condition of normal operating rates in previous years, production enterprises in Sichuan can fully meet local demand, and a considerable part of the supply is sent to Guangdong, Guangxi and other places.
    However, due to the shortage of natural gas this year, there is a shortage of urea supply in Sichuan.
    In order to satisfy the country's short-term reserves and maintain a certain amount of business, large distributors imported urea from Shandong, Henan, Shanxi and other places, but even so, the market still maintains a good environment of "tight balance".
    According to local practitioners, the spring plowing period in Sichuan is concentrated in more than ten days.
    The local urea market will operate smoothly thanks to the “shortness of breath” situation.
    Due to the cost support, the price will not fall sharply, but The current price of 2,300 yuan/ton is already high.
    Recently, it is rumored that there will be adjustments to the fertilizer railway discount.
    Although it will not be implemented during the spring plowing period, it has been put on the agenda.
    Some analysts believe that this will have a certain impact on the development of the urea pattern in the future.
    In the process of this reporter’s visit to the grass-roots level, it was discovered that some companies that were preparing for a rainy day have begun to prepare to cope with this change in the pattern, coupled with the adjustment of the industrial structure in recent years, the poor supply of natural gas, and the urea being called the "two highs and one capital".
    After identity, this worry is not unreasonable.
    Some companies have begun to adjust their strategic steps to increase the saturation of the market around the factory while stabilizing the market outside the province to cope with the increase in freight rates.
    The impact of the shortened haul distance after the increase.
    The recovery in the north drives the market to start.
    As the temperature in the north rises, the pace of spring plowing is gradually approaching, but the temperature in Shandong, Hebei and other places is still not high, but compared with the previous dealers, there are more inquiries and a small number of transactions, and the price basically maintains a small fluctuation.
    At present, the market wholesale price in Hebei has risen slightly, and the high-end price has risen to about 2120 yuan/ton.
    In contrast, the temperature in Northeast China has not warmed up significantly, and large-scale spring plowing has not started.
    However, a small number of dealers have taken the goods.
    The cold market has begun to show signs of melting.
    The manufacturer's ex-factory price is maintained at about 2,200 yuan/ton, and the market wholesale price is 2230.
    -2250 yuan/ton, the market is relatively stable.
    Many large distributors are eager to try, but the actual transaction volume is not large.
    Many local people are optimistic about the BB fertilizer market this year and expect that the market share will increase compared with last year.
    However, many nitrogen fertilizer companies complain that not only the grassroots distributors did not get the goods, but also Some BB fertilizer plants have not been activated, which has caused the social inventory in the Northeast market to continue to be low.
    Some people believe that this state will bring confidence to the Northeast market this year, but there are also dealers who believe that the market has begun to store stocks in a liquid state.
    With the changes in the business structure, the traditional business model will change.
    Although the stations and warehouses are out of stock, they are likely to have been transferred to the rural grassroots.
    In addition, the convenience of transportation and the sufficient supply of goods can fully meet the needs of the Northeast region.
    It is almost impossible for the demand for urea in China to soar and plummet.
    In addition, due to the end of spring farming in Henan, the price of urea has been lowered, but the range is not large, basically maintaining at around 2,120 yuan/ton.
    On the whole, the national spring plowing market has not yet been fully activated.
    According to the good state of operation of enterprises, there will be no sharp rises and falls during spring plowing, but production costs will still form a strong support for urea prices.
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