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    U.S. coatings market value will reach 28 billion U.S. dollars in 2015

    • Last Update: 2021-10-03
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    According to the latest research report of market analysis agency Kusumgar, Nerlfi & Growney, the US coating market consumption is expected to increase from 7.
    8 billion dry pounds in 2011 to 8.
    8 billion dry pounds in 2015, and the market value will also increase to 28 billion US dollars


    In 2015, it is estimated that the consumption of architectural coating products in the United States will account for more than half of the total consumption of coatings

    Although the current consumption of such products is still slightly lower than the peak in 2006, its growth rate has been very stable in recent years


    Specialty functional coatings products will account for nearly 24% of the total U.
    paint consumption in 2015, including industrial maintenance coatings and roof special coatings, which are mainly driven by the economic recovery and the growth of consumption in the construction industry


    The consumption of OEM coatings accounts for about 25%, and its growth varies according to different end users.
    In particular, the automotive and aircraft industries have achieved strong growth in recent years, effectively driving the consumption of related coating products


    The proportion of water-based coatings in the total consumption of coatings in the US market will rise to 58%, compared with 48% in 1996

    Architectural coatings are the main varieties of water-based coatings, accounting for about 71% of them, and industrial coatings (including OEM coatings and special coatings) account for about 29%


    The proportion of solvent-based coatings will drop to 30%, and in 1996 it accounted for 42%

    70% of solvent-based coatings are used in industrial fields


    Powder coatings, radiation curing coatings and 100% solid content coatings will account for 11% of the total market.
    About 40% of OEM coating products and 5% of specialty coating products use this technology

    In 1996, the proportion of OEM coating production using powder technology was 14%, and in 2015 it will reach more than 20%


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