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    Vaccination Changchun Changsheng company rabies vaccine renewal program

    • Last Update: 2021-02-07
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    In order to do a good job of reseeding rabies vaccinators of Changchun Changsheng Company, the State Health and Health Commission and the State Drug Administration have formulated the "Renewed Breeding Program for Rabies Vaccination of Changchun Changsheng Company".Vaccinator Changchun Changsheng Company rabies reseeding program
    In order to safeguard the health and life safety of the people, protect the legitimate rights and interests of vaccinators, in accordance with the Drug Administration Law, "Vaccine Circulation and Vaccination Management Regulations" and other relevant laws and regulations, the formulation of this program.
    , the principle of renewal of reseeding
    the work of reseeding shall be carried out in accordance with the principle of respect for science, informed disclosure and voluntary free of charge.
    2. Reseeding object
    For those who have been vaccinated against rabies by Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Changchun Changsheng Company) and have not completed the vaccination procedure, the vaccination unit shall renew the qualified vaccine of other companies free of charge.
    the characteristics of rabies incidence, experts comprehensive assessment recommended that those who have completed the vaccination procedure do not need to reseed. If the subject has the intention to reseed, the vaccination unit may reseed free of charge after informing the knowledge of prevention and control, the protective effect of the vaccine, post-vaccination precautions and so on.
    Third, Follow-up Observation and Counselling Services
    According to the April 2018 report of the World Health Organization, the incubation period for rabies is usually 1-3 months, rarely more than 1 year. In order to protect the health of the subjects, follow-up observation and counselling services are provided to the subjects who have been vaccinated for less than 1 year. Vaccination time of more than 1 year, in the event of abnormal conditions, health departments continue to accept.
    , standardized services
    the country's rabies vaccination units are responsible for reseeding, follow-up observation and advisory services. Vaccination units set up eye-catching signs, arrange for experienced medical personnel to provide services, open contact information to the community. Local health departments at or above the county level shall each identify a medical institution as a designated medical institution for further clinical observation within the jurisdiction. National, provincial and municipal expert groups, including clinical, disease prevention and control and management experts, to guide the relevant services.
    , organize and implement the
    (1) strengthen leadership. Provincial (district, city) health departments should attach great importance to the renewal of reseeding work as the current top priority work, unified deployment, and earnestly grasp the implementation. Strengthen supervision and guidance, work to refine the implementation of the program, set up a ledger, one by one sales number, to ensure that the renewal of the reseeding work solid and meticulous, smooth and orderly, to protect the health of the people.
    (ii) improve the mechanism. Health and health departments at all levels should establish and improve specialized working mechanisms, identify specialized leaders and departments, and be responsible for the renewal of reseeding work. Timely communication, and actively implement responsibilities and tasks. We should strengthen personnel training, guide vaccination units to do a good job of patient reseeding, follow-up observation and advisory services, popular science publicity and other work, to provide satisfactory services to the people.
    (iii) information disclosure. The National Health And Wellness Commission has developed a rabies vaccine knowledge questionnaire on issues related to vaccine renewal. Provincial (district, city) health departments should timely disclose the information of the province's vaccination units, open telephone consultation, network consultation and other channels, and effectively do a good job in answering questions and confusion. (Official website of the State Drug Administration)
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