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    Vaccine: Fun Medical Psychology - How can we persuade people to get vaccinated more effectively?

    • Last Update: 2021-01-25
    • Source: Internet
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    There have been news reports of a recurrence of the new crown outbreak, especially in the face of cold temperatures and the upcoming Spring Festival travel have made people very worried about the future development of the epidemic situation.
    but on the other hand, vaccination campaigns for the new crown vaccine are beginning to be rolled out across the country.
    Bin, an inspector with the CDC, said the number of vaccinations has exceeded 10 million since the implementation of the new coronavirus vaccine on December 15, 2020.
    many good practices in the vaccination process, in general, the country's new crown vaccination is stable and orderly.
    However, it seems that not everyone is willing to be vaccinated, and some friends who work in hospitals say, "The hospital has recently issued a notice that if they are willing to accept vaccinations, they will not, even if they do not want to, it is a voluntary principle."
    But I feel as if it can not fight, now the hospital control is more stringent, patients come in to do nucleic acid, we are also regularly checking, and just listed vaccine is not stable..." In addition to this situation, do not want to fight vaccine may have many other reasons, such as fear of pain, lazy, do not want to go to the hospital ... This is very troubling to many people who care about them.
    so how do you get your concerned family or friends to get vaccinated? Recently, Vaccine published a related study, although in this study is mentioned HPV vaccine rather than the new crown vaccine, the main character is adolescents and not adults, but the essence is the same thing, and considering that some adults may be more stubborn than children, so the method can be used as a reference.
    In this study, the researchers analyzed clinical communication about whether to vaccinate and measured the length of the conversation through audio recordings of clinical communication among adolescents eligible for the HPV vaccine and meningococcal vaccine, using indicative (TD at the time of consultation) or selective (vaccination is optional) recommendations.
    collected demographic data on parents and children from pre- and post-visit surveys, parents' intention to vaccinate, and parents' satisfaction with vaccination discussions.
    use linear regression and random effect logit regression, respectively, to estimate the relationship between recommended style and communication time and number of vaccinations.
    researchers analyzed 106 clinical conversations on vaccination (82 HPVs; 24 cases of meningococcal).
    when health workers make vaccinations selective (140 vs. 74 s; p-value . . . 0.001) will spend more time talking than indicative.
    the option is associated with a 41-second extension of the conversation (p-value slt; 0.05) while controlling the vaccine type, parental vaccination intent, and patient characteristics.
    providers of meningococcal vaccines used indicative type conversations more frequently than HPV vaccines (96% vs. 72%; p-value slt; 0.05), parents are 9.3 times more likely to be vaccinated than selective vaccinations (p-value -lt; 0.05).
    the length of the conversation and the type of conversation were independent of parental satisfaction.
    study concluded that the use of positive recommendations could improve the efficiency and effectiveness of vaccine discussions, enhance the communication of HPV vaccine designations, and potentially increase vaccination rates and save time in medical care.
    you see that there are some questions here about the value of this article? In fact, HPV vaccination controversy has always been there, so many medical workers in the clinic is also more to follow the views of patients, and the need for meningococcal vaccine may be more direct, doctors in communication will be more positive attitude.
    conclusion is actually very simple, as if now very hot live with goods, the anchor will say: buy it! You'll have a sneaky impulse to buy, but tell you you can't buy this thing, and of course you'll hesitate! So, if you want family and friends to get vaccinated, the best way is for your doctor to tell him that the vaccine can be played and must be given.
    other comments, which can be discussed in the comments section below: Anny T.H.R. Fenton, Chelsea Orefice, Terresa J. Eun, Dea Biancarelli, Amresh Hanchate, Mari-Lynn Drainoni, Rebecca B. Perkins. Effect of provider recommendation style on the length of adolescent vaccine discussions. Vaccine, 2021; DOI: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2020.11.015MedSci Original Source: MedSci Original Copyright Notice: All noted on this website "Source: Mets Medicine" or "Source: MedSci Original" text, images and audio and video materials, copyrights are owned by Metz Medical, without authorization, no media, website or individual may reproduce, authorized to reproduce with the words "Source: Mets Medicine".
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