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    Valio and Fazer launch low-salt product, Valio ValSa Milk Salt

    • Last Update: 2021-02-07
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    , excessive salt intake is considered one of the most important factors in high blood pressure. Therefore, it has become an urgent task to solve the problem of excessive salt intake.
    , a Finnish dairy company, has teamed up with food company
    to develop a product that reduces the salt content of
    Valio ValSa
    milk salt. The two companies are about to launch products made from this milk salt, which is rich in natural minerals such as potassium, iodine, magnesium, calcium and sodium. Nevertheless, milk salt contains only 20% of the
    , head of product development forEdible Innovation , said:
    It's not difficult to simply reduce the salt content of the product, but we have to look at the changes in the taste of the product during this process.
    took nearly a decade to
    the development of the
    Valio Valsa project was finalized. Initially,
    wanted to develop a healthy cheese and only intended to use
    Valio ValSa
    milk salt.It wasn't long before we realized that if we only reduced the amount of salt in cheese, the impact on total salt intake in the industry would be minimal, and we couldn't help but think deeper. That's how milk salt is extended to bread and other foods,
    said Salusjarvi

    Through this innovative idea, we can reduce some of the health problems caused by excessive salt intake.
    ”Launch of the new product Valio
    is mainly using milk salt instead of refined salt products,
    Valio Polar 15 Cheese
    Valio Oivarini
    , its salt content than ordinary butter and cheese products are reduced by half.Fazer
    will use milk salts to make new low-
    or Oululainen Reilu Futissampyla
    Heli Anttila
    , Vice President of New Product Development, said:
    "Fazer Bakery
    is leading the way in innovation across the bread industry, and hopefully we can bring new solutions that will increase the value of bread." An important way to achieve this is to reduce the salt in bread. From this point of view, our
    Valio Anders co-operation is a success. We have updated our production methods to accommodate changes in raw materials, not only reducing the amount of salt used in baked goods by nearly
    kg in
    , but at the same time creating new opportunities for us.
    ”The reduction in salt intake represents significant savingsaccording to a survey conducted by
    , the reduction in salt in the Finnish diet can improve individual health and cost savings. Studies have shown that Finns will reduce their daily salt intake by
    11% if they choose to eat products with the same level of
    milk salt instead of regular bread, fat and
    cheese. The number of diseases and deaths caused by arterial problems is expected to decrease by
    over the next decade, so Finland will save up to
    65 million euros
    9 million) over that period.Export Opportunities
    Teea Bj rklundo
    , product manager at Valio
    , says:
    's excess salt intake is a global problem that some countries are already addressing. In Britain, for example, salt intake is a topic that has been talked about. The United States has also been looking for solutions to reduce salt intake. As a result,
    development and innovation of milk salts has potential markets around the world and better market prospects than dairy products.

    Valio ValSa
    offers broad market prospects and opportunities for manufacturers in other industries,"
    Valio ValSa said in an interview with reporters.
    is also
    to launch
    products with less salt in 2017.source of this
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