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    Venus, Dolebon interior wall paint and other 4 brands exist problems

    • Last Update: 2021-03-01
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    China Coatings Network:
    Bureau of Industry and Commerce announced last year's results of a sampling of five categories of goods. At present, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce has been in this sampling sales of unqualified goods distribution units to deal with, in the future will continue to strengthen the circulation of goods quality supervision. Xi'an Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce last year in the field of market circulation decoration materials category of goods, including solvent-based polyurethane
    wood coatings
    , synthetic resin emulsions
    built-wall coatings
    solvent-based polyurethane wood
    category of commodity spot checks are mainly pencil hardness, wear resistance does not meet the relevant standard requirements. Labeled as Guangzhou Xinrui Paint Co. , Ltd. production of "FEILING" "Penguin Tree" brand solvent-based polyurethane wood coating is labeled by the production enterprises claim to be counterfeit.
    synthetic resin emulsion inner wall coating commodity sampling results show that "Tu Huan" "Venus" "Dolebon" "Hung Jia" four brand quality problems, the main issues involved are wash-resistant, alkaline and other items do not meet the relevant standards.
    Industry and commerce reminder: consumers to buy interior decoration materials, first of all, should choose a formal store, market, and check the production plant name, factory site, model, product certificate, instruction manual, implementation standard code, etc. is complete, to see if there is a professional quality inspection agency issued by the inspection of qualified reports, to avoid the purchase of fake and inferior products caused unnecessary losses.
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