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    Visiting Beijing's New Crown Vaccination Point: Orderly Vaccination of Key Populations

    • Last Update: 2021-01-13
    • Source: Internet
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    At present, Beijing has started the vaccination work of the new crown vaccine, it is expected that before the Spring Festival in 2021, the port involved in the import of cold chain items first-line customs inspection and quarantine personnel, as well as port loading and unloading, handling, transportation and other related personnel, such as 9 categories of key groups to complete the new crown vaccine emergency vaccination.
    reporter learned that the current Beijing new crown vaccination to take a "two-step" model.
    the completion of the first step of vaccination of key population groups, with the approval of vaccine conditions and the gradual increase in vaccine production, will be eligible for the masses to achieve "catch-up."
    New Year's day holiday, reporters came to Chaoyang District, Fengtai District, the new crown vaccination point to visit.
    reporters at the temporary vaccination point for the new coronavirus vaccine at Chaoyang Planning Art Museum saw vaccination signs and staff guidance all the way from the entrance.
    group of vaccination personnel for every 50 people, after arriving in the waiting area, medical personnel for the vaccinated personnel to explain the precautions of vaccination, and then the vaccinated person in batches into the registered informed area.
    to make an informed distinction between the A and B regions, each region has 5 groups of health care workers for the vaccination person to confirm personal information, and again inform the vaccination related matters, confirm the correct, the vaccinated person signed and went to the vaccination area for vaccination.
    is completed, the vaccinated person will have to wait in the observation area for half an hour before leaving.
    Mr. Gong, who was vaccinated, said, "I am usually mainly responsible for the transportation of imported cold-chain food, and cold-chain food contact more, this time can be vaccinated free of charge, feel very happy, this for the future work more than a security, a lot of solid heart."
    " reporter learned from Chaoyang District, the same day, Chaoyang District has been organized to carry out the key population of the new coronavirus vaccination work, adopted the "1 plus 42", that is, a temporary vaccination point and 42 street vaccination points model, will complete the first batch of 9 key groups of 200,000 people vaccination work.
    in Fengtai District Pu Huangxuan Community Health Services Center, reporters saw that the entrance to vaccination set up a "vaccination from this entry" sign.
    people who came to be vaccinated were lined up according to the one-meter line, registered for check-in after the code-sweeping test, and then vaccinated separately according to the guidelines of the field staff.
    be observed for half an hour after the vaccination is completed.
    , director of the Pu Huangxuan Community Health Services Center in Fengtai District, told reporters that on January 1, 2021, the center fully launched a new crown vaccination for medical personnel and their related personnel in nine key groups.
    in order to avoid the gathering of personnel, the center according to the nature of each vaccination unit, the implementation of time-by-time appointment vaccination.
    At the same time, set up exclusive channels and separate pre-screening sub-diagnosis offices for new crown vaccinations, and establish green channels for vaccinated personnel, from pre-screening to completion of vaccinations, the entire process is no more than 10 minutes, both to reduce waiting times in line and to avoid cross-infection with other outpatients.
    as of January 2, the center has completed 627 new crown vaccinations for nine key population groups.
    , 460 were medical and health personnel and 167 were government agencies and community workers.
    Liu Hong said that with the end of the New Year's Day holiday, next week will usher in the peak of vaccination of key groups, in order to effectively respond to the increase in inoculation personnel, the center will increase the number of staff in a timely manner, for units in need, timely reporting, active coordination, and take the initiative to provide door-to-door vaccination services.
    is expected to complete the first dose of the new crown vaccine for nine key population groups in the jurisdiction by mid-January.
    Wanying, director of the Fengtai District Health Committee, told reporters that a total of 31 fixed new coronavirus vaccination points have been set up in Fengtai District.
    , large mobile temporary vaccination points will begin their vaccination efforts after 4 January.
    Reporters from the Beijing Municipal Health and Health Commission learned that the use of the new crown vaccine is a full-virus inactivated vaccine, through chemical and other methods to make the new coronavirus loss of infection and replication, while retaining the human immune response activity can cause the preparation of the vaccine.
    the current key population emergency vaccination of the new coronavirus vaccine does not take the form of personal appointment, for people who have gone abroad for personal reasons, the districts will start the new crown vaccination work in due course in the near future.
    reporter learned that the new crown vaccine is divided into 2 needles, during a period of at least 14 days, the vaccination site for the upper arm triangular muscle.
    Pregnant women, lactating women, are in the acute stage of fever, infection and other diseases, people suffering from immunodeficiency or immune disorders, as well as serious liver and kidney diseases, drug uncontrollable hypertension, diabetes complications, malignant tumor patients and other personnel are not suitable for vaccination.
    The Beijing Municipal Health and Health Commission suggested that, so far, the protection effect of any vaccine can not reach 100%, a few people after vaccination may not produce protection or disease.
    , the population immune barrier has not yet been established.
    refore, after vaccination, it is still necessary to wear masks, wash hands, open windows ventilation, maintain social distance and other personal protective measures;
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