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    Wake-up Call . . . One connection to three "post-90" cancer patients!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    Did you know that? Data show that in China, more than 80% of patients are diagnosed in the middle and late stagesReally fake?Well, reallyBecause many cancers have no symptoms in the early stages, to wait for cancer cells to grow to a certain number, invasion and compression of the corresponding organs, until the appearance of bleeding, pain and other related symptoms, will attract attention"After 90" gets cancer at a young age? Yes, you're not wrong! Is in the wind is the age, but is entangled in cancer!25, 22, 29!On June 2nd, three "post-90" cancer patients were admitted to a hospital in Hangzhou city25-year-old guy - liver cancer advanced just married a year of 25-year-old Jiangxi boy, because of abdominal pain to the hospital, and finally diagnosed with liver cancerThe 25-year-old has lost surgery, liver transplants and other treatment opportunities, said Yu Jixian, director of the Xixi Oncology Department in HangzhouAs a patient with hepatitis B, he consciously usually has no physical discomfort, and did not regularly check up, review, so as to miss the best treatment period60291591571670443 22-year-old girl - diagnosed with stomach cancer 22-year-old Hangzhou girl Xiao Jin, used to work late into the nightShe had a very irregular diet, monday to Friday, basically eating takeaway, but also hungry meal full meal, and was eventually diagnosed with stomach cancerShe should have a beautiful youth, but now suffering from surgery, chemotherapy torture, the whole day with the hospital bed, medicineA 29-year-old young mother, a 29-year-old young mother with a lovely 2-year-old baby, was diagnosed with a malignant malignant melanoma four months agoDue to the failure to treat in time, 4 months later the chest lump swelled, the lump broke daily burst pus, often give off a bad smell, sufferingOncologist: Normal cell carcinoma is not a one-off! Yu Jixian, director of xixi oncology department in Hangzhou City, introduced: normal cells become cancer cells, not a one-off, but a multi-step process of cancer For example, most of the characteristics of liver cancer in China follow the "hepatitis B, cirrhosis of liver disease, liver cancer" trilogy model, the occurrence of stomach cancer often experiences the "chronic superficial gastritis - atrophic gastritis , intestinal epithelial hyperplintering ( epithelial hypertrophy) , stomach cancer" process Do a good job of cancer prevention, in all aspects of tumor occurrence, choose different intercept methods, each break, become the "golden bell cover" to prevent cancer prevention Professor Ji Xiaolong, a former plaspeople's hospital's third medical center, also told the Health Times in 2011 that any cancer is not sudden, from cell mutations to cancer cell formation, and then to the development of lumps, it will take at least 10 years For example, liver cancer, stomach cancer, cervical cancer is typical And most young people do not have the awareness of regular physical examination, blindly think that youth is capital, the disease is far away from themselves, so that when diagnosed with cancer, has lost the best time for treatment, regret Author: Name Source: Guangdong Health
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