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    Wang Laoji to ensure the quality of herbal tea: the use of genetic bar code technology to identify raw materials

    • Last Update: 2021-02-05
    • Source: Internet
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    Economic Network News (reporter

    Liu Yuqing)
    , Wang Laoji gene bar code technology identification system results release will be held in Guangzhou, Wang Laoji pioneered the use of this technology for plant beverage raw materials identification, to ensure that Wang Laoji herbal tea raw materials authentic, more powerful protection of Wang Laoji herbal tea quality.

    Seconding quality from the source

    China Economic Weekly
    Economic Network reporter from Guang medicine Baiyunshan learned that the release of the establishment of Wang Laoji herbal tea raw materials and common confusing products
    bar code identification system, by Wang Laoji and the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute, the system through the world's top medicinal identification
    technology application, storage
    Wang Laoji commonly used Chinese herbal medicine and its mixed counterfeit
    bar code reference sequence, including Wang Laoji seven flavor medicinal herbs and its mixed counterfeit
    , a total of
    . Easy to query Wang Laoji commonly used Chinese herbal medicine and its mixed counterfeits of
    bar code sequence information.

    according to the introduction, with the life sciences continue to make major breakthroughs, derived from molecular biology identification method
    bar code came into being, it can quickly and accurately identify species, has been widely used in life sciences, forensics, epidemiology, as well as medicine, food quality control and other fields. Herbal tea as a pure plant herbal formula drink, its raw materials from traditional herbs, however, herbs in the traditional identification method because of its own limitations can not be quickly identified, this time Wang Laoji pioneered the world's top gene bar code technology applied to plant beverages, so that Wang Laoji each raw material has a "gene ID card", it fundamentally solves this problem.

    " The current domestic food safety situation is very serious, and food safety hot spot event focus has been from 'illegal addition' to 'process control', and then transferred to 'raw material safety' came up, 'the key to solve food safety problems is to control the source' has become the consensus of all sectors of society. Wang Laoji's application of gene bar code technology can effectively guarantee the authenticity and quality of raw materials from the source, which is undoubtedly a great boon to the vast number of consumers. Dai

    , executive vice president of the Guangdong Food Safety Society, said.

    National first provincial herbal tea engineering technology center was established

    it is understood that the launch announced the establishment of the Guangdong Province herbal tea engineering technology research center was earlier approved by the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department, by Wang Laoji company lasted
    years, through continuous exploration and research in scientific research, the final formation. It is not only the first in the country, but also the most advanced and highest level of herbal tea engineering and technology research center.

    , as early as
    Wang Laoji company set up the first herbal tea key engineering technology research and development center, and received special funding from the Guangzhou Municipal Government.
    over the past
    years, the center has invested nearly 100 million yuan in basic research and technological innovation of herbal tea, including research on standardized cultivation and quality risk control of herbal tea raw materials, research on the basis and mechanism of action of herbal tea materials, research on herbal tea safety, research on herbal tea production and quality control, local standards for herbal tea and national standards, and achieved a number of leading domestic landmark achievements, winning
    provincial and ministerial government science and technology progress awards.
    , the center has exceeded the construction task of the key engineering technology research and development center of Guangzhou Science and Technology Bureau, and successfully passed the conclusion and acceptance of the expert group. On this basis,
    in 2013
    , Wang Laoji company declared and successfully set up the Guangdong Engineering and Technology Research Center. Today, the technology research center was successfully established, can not be separated from Wang Laoji company this way of persistence and persistence.

    " after the establishment of the research center, the future will become one of the important bases for domestic research work on herbal tea, Wang Laoji will continue to strengthen investment in scientific research, hand in hand with the research center to lead the scientific and technological progress of the herbal tea industry, in order to promote the development of the herbal tea industry, to achieve Wang Laoji herbal tea to the world and continuous efforts. Wang Laoji said.
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