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    Wang Ningli: Glaucoma can prevent cure El Jian glaucoma drainage tube for patients to bring new hope

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    If you have glaucoma, do not panic, through modern medical means for early intervention, can greatly reduce the rate of blindnessIn addition, it is gratifying to note thatin March this year, the world's leading pharmaceutical company, Aer Jian (which officially became a subsidiary of AbbVie, in May this year) glaucoma drainage tube XEN®(Zanyi®) was approved by the National Drug Administration, becoming the first pilot product approved by real-world data in Chinathe product fills the gap in the field of minimally invasive surgical treatment of glaucoma in China, and provides more convenient and safe and effective treatment for the vast number of patients and doctors in China, with significant clinical valueso, what exactly is glaucoma? Which groups of peopleare susceptible to glaucoma?what treatment methods are available in china for glaucoma at present? What are the gospels thatXEN ® have brought in in China? How doprevent glaucoma?With these questions, Sina Pharma specially invited Professor Wang Ningli, director of the ophthalmology center at Tongren Hospital in Beijing, to give us professional answersThe following is a video transcript (deleted):Q1: What is glaucoma? : Glaucoma everyone thinks it is a disease, in fact, a kind of disease In the past, we said glaucoma mainly refers to acute glaucoma, that is, sudden increase in eye pressure, black eye beads (cornea) edema, the appearance of glaucoma, so called glaucoma In fact, with the development of the times, any eye pressure increases, or the eye pressure is relatively high, resulting in damage to the optic nerve disease is called glaucoma in a word, glaucoma currently has the following sub-methods: first, people should remember that glaucoma has acute and chronic differences 90% of glaucoma is chronic, asymptomatic, do not see the blue light, only about 10% is acute Second, glaucoma has the primary and secondary characteristics The difference between the two's performances is that primary and other diseases are not related and the cause is usually unclear Secondary sepsis is a lesions that are generally primary or are caused by other treatments or medications For example, a patient has eye disease, the growth of new blood vessels, resulting in the new blood vessels glaucoma, this is secondary Third, according to age, there are children's sexual glaucoma, adult glaucoma, adolescent glaucoma Why is it divided? Children and adults are completely different, children's eyes when the pressure of the eye increases, the eyes as a whole like blowing balloons, so special Fourth, according to the opening and closing of the inner corner of the eye, divided into open-angle glaucoma and closed-angle glaucoma Q2: How to judge yourself in life with chronic glaucoma? : If you are concerned about yourself, chronic glaucoma is actually a symptom For example - 1) watching the tv set at home is getting lighter and lighter; 2) when walking, always hit the table and bench around, 3) driving is always a slug, and so on these times may be the progress of glaucoma, when our field of vision is getting smaller and smaller, we see things less and less contrast, we have to be alert to this is a manifestation of chronic glaucoma Q3: Who is prone to glaucoma? : Easy to get glaucoma has the following several cases - 1) appear just now those mentioned watching TV color is getting lighter, walking is always collision, wrestling, driving is always the symptoms of the crowd 2) have a family history of glaucoma, must be a high-risk group 3) Newborn children, if the black eye beads are bigger than other children, parents can not just feel very young, if accompanied by fear of light, tears, may be suffering from congenital glaucoma; 4) young people with particularly good vision, not over-sighted, 40 years old to pay attention to closed-angle glaucoma; 5) Diabetes, hypertension and other diseases are also associated with the occurrence of glaucoma, may cause more difficult to treat glaucoma 6) People with immune diseases, long-term local or systemic use of hormones, should also be alert to glaucoma Q4: What is the incidence of glaucoma in China? : Most patients with glaucoma are developed after the age of 40, as they get older, the prevalence rate will be higher and higher, to 80 years of age or older, the prevalence rate may reach 5% to 6%, but the general population is about 1% to 2% statistics, it is estimated that by 2020, the global glaucoma can reach 80 million, of which China has nearly 21 million people, accounting for a fifth to a quarter of the world, so our country is a large glaucoma Q5: What is the current status of the treatment of glaucoma in China? : 80%, 90% of glaucoma patients are chronic glaucoma, symptoms are not significant, so our national glaucoma public awareness rate is not enough, really can go to the hospital to see the disease was found is 10%-20%, in fact, Europe and the United States and other developed countries, glaucoma is really found early treatment is not 50%, so let glaucoma early detection, public health education is very important Q6: What are the treatment methods for glaucoma in China? : No eye pressure can not be called glaucoma, since it is related to pressure, glaucoma treatment is for pressure to reduce eye pressure there are many ways to reduce eye pressure, first of all with drugs, now most patients use drugs, eye pressure can be very good control, but some people use the drug effect is not good, or he is not suitable for medication, you can choose laser If drugs and lasers don't work, you'll need to choose surgery in the end In summary, the goal of all treatments is to reduce the patient's eye pressure, or to control the relatively high level of eye pressure, or to address the patient's pressure gradient, so that the pressure gradient to achieve a balance Q7: How do you think of Theaken Glaucoma drainage tube XEN (Zanyi) approved in china? : In the model, XEN ® in April 2019 in accordance with the clinicalurgent import of medical devices policy was approved for use in Boao City, Hainan Province, the first area, in Boao completed the assessment of human differences in the domestic clinical real-world evidence collection In March 2020, XEN ® was approved by the State Drug Administration, becoming the first pilot product in China to be approved through real-world data in the surgical innovation, the original traditional surgery we have to open the ball conjunctiva, make a channel, but also stitches, XEN ® with a 1.5 mm channel, even the control of a good can reach 1 mm channel, do not need stitches, do not cut our eye conjunctiva tissue, surgery was completed, so it achieved a true sense of minimally invasive, so that our surgery more accurate, surgery speed increased Originally we do a glaucoma surgery may take 30 minutes, this surgery if skilled master is 3 minutes, saving a lot of time costs the option of adaptation, XEN ® (Zanyi ®) can be suitable for 80% of patients Q8: How can glaucoma be prevented? : 1, lock 40 years old, family has a history of glaucoma high-risk groups, timely eye examination, preferably once a year 2, the eyes have high eye pressure, color perception is weakened, the contrast is not good, the range is reduced and other uncomfortable symptoms, take the initiative to go to the hospital to check 3, glaucoma early detection do not panic, combined with drugs, lasers, surgery three-plate axe for early intervention, can greatly reduce the blinding rate.
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